December 7, 2023

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Attacks and Churches Burned: The Dream That Shakes Canada

Churches Burning across the West: This may seem like the beginning of an apocalyptic script. In reality, it turns out to be a believable scenario. Less than you think. Only at this point is the question very different, presenting uniqueness and certainty. Over the past few days, four churches in Canada have been the victims of a fire. In all likelihood, the human hand is associated with it. The International Chronicle reports names and places that may appear in the distance: Sopoka, Sand’anna and many more. It sounds like the French situation last summer, but if The phenomenon of transpolation We were in the general box of “curiosity” and at this point the reasons are speculative.

In Canada Churches were engulfed in flames after mass graves were discovered. Nothing comparable For French chaptersSo, otherwise the status of the destroyed places of worship. The pits where the bodies of many children appear from the tribal people are inhabited. Institutions demanded that those children enroll in Christian-Catholic schools. The natives conform to the Catholic religion by a kind of compulsory passage. A religious and cultural activity carried out over a century ago. Definitely a scary story when numbers scare: Hundreds and hundreds of bodies found. The number of students in those colleges is one lakh and fifty thousand. It almost seems that Canadians expect more inventions. To suggest that this is an event of time and figures of the missing, they vary greatly.

Danger is now an opening Political case Between the states, with Canada, we have seen the reopening of an old wound and, with everything that can happen in terms of its effect on public opinion, can only investigate the origins and responsibilities of the Vatican. Solve the problem once and for all. In short, it would not be so unbelievable if we faced delayed retaliation carried out by individuals or groups. To date no exact responsibility for the churches set on fire is known, but an easy attribute reflects the evidence of those atrocities committed in the past.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked the Bishop of Rome to return to his country to apologize. Pope Francisco He has already told her, but he will talk about this case again when he has the opportunity to do so. Jorge Mario Bergoglio never shunned this type of abuse. In fact, the Pope of Argentina wanted to reopen some secret archives, precisely to put the Catholic Church ahead of its potential responsibilities.

“I have personally spoken directly with His Holiness, Pope Francis – The Prime Minister of Canada said – , Not only to apologize, but to make him understand how important it is to apologize to Indigenous Canadians on Canadian soil. ” During the first discoveries, in early June, the Pope resolved an old question: “We entrust to the Lord the souls of all children who have died in boarding schools in Canada, and we pray fervently for Canadian families and tribal communities. We pray for you.” The Holy Father said, As pointed out dall ‘Played. In these eight years Percoglio has tainted any colony, which has culminated as it did in Canada. However, this is not enough for the progressive Justin Trudeau: the Pope wants to arrange a temporary trip with the intention of apologizing.

The French and Canadian lawsuits – we said – have nothing in common, otherwise the churches will burn. In fact, this story of burning Christian-Catholic places of worship seems to have become a trend. Not to mention Our Lady, Suffice it to say, stays in France, where a standard script has been broadcast for months: setting churches on fire, to be precise, with their symbols and meanings. It is difficult for France to separate the plan of carnage from a secular or fundamentalist attack. Every church that burns has its fire, with its purposes. Even if someone tries to see the overall design. Untreated fires may also play their part. But this Canadian story is different.

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