May 30, 2023

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Australia scares France, but Mbappe Giroud's tandem still smashes the Australians |  World Cup 2022

Australia scares France, but Mbappe Giroud’s tandem still smashes the Australians | World Cup 2022

Australia turned out to be the dream preparations for reigning champions France. After Goodwin’s quick opening goal, a new sensation seemed to be in the making. But the Australians seemed unable to match the speed and attacking power of the French.

France – Australia in a nutshell

  • man of the match We Belgians may not want to see it, but there was no action on Kylian Mbappe today. Before the first half (no goals) and after the break (a goal and an assist), the winger swept the Australian defense with its speed and dangerous combinations.
  • Key moment: The French not wanting to let the lopsided situation go on for more than half an hour, Giraud and Rabiot turn the whole situation around in five minutes. Australians would still like to do it, but against such a large class difference, there is not much to do.
  • Statistics (1): Giroud scored two goals against Australia and shares the top French scorers with Thierry Henry.
  • Statistics (2): The defending champions have lost their opening match in the past three World Cups. France will not be deceived and interrupted by this trend.

Watch the full match between France and Australia on VRT MAX: 4-1

Australia surprised but punished

The past four world champions stumbled in the first round and France seemed to be repeating that for a moment today. Leakey found his neighbor Goodwin with a great cross, who also beat Loris.

During this attack, France also lost Lucas Hernandez, most likely due to a cruciate ligament injury, so Deschamps had enough reason to worry. Duke almost shot 0-2 from 20 metres.

Fifteen minutes later, the French engine started. Rabiot held on after a corner kick and the Australian defense lost sight of a Theo Hernandez cross. He could hardly get close Miss, 1-1.

Five minutes later, France took full control. Australia wanted to play football very well, and lost the ball, after which Mbappe pushed the skin on Giroud. He actually missed his shot, but he made the net shake.

France had chances to increase the distance with Mbappe, Giroud and Dembele, among others, but also saw Irvine header the post on the other side before half-time.

Again five minutes

After the break, France continued to dominate. Five minutes later, Giroud showed off his fine goal-scoring skill. The little cross turned out to be the perfect opportunity to kick a bike, which went wide.

The smooth combinations ended in blocked chances for Mbappe, but they didn’t last. In the 68th minute it only ended with threats, as a shot was deflected on the line, but Dembele then “bananas” it to Mbappe, who headed it across the right side of the post.

Barely three minutes later, he became the declared finisher, and it was Giroud who managed to head the ball home from Mbappe, after a double acceleration from the goal.

Demon speed.

The match was played, but even then Matthew Ryan, who was under blue-black ribbon, had to prevent worse. Konate headed well, but Ryan quickly shot 5-1 from his own goal.

Four of the past five world champions have not yet qualified for the group stage. And with this victory, France is already taking a big step to avoid this fate.

Watch the four French goals:

  1. Second half, 98th minute. The end. Victor Gomez finished what was looking like an exciting match. The Australians took the lead after ten minutes, but then took the lead. The match ended in a solid five minutes, with goals from Rabiot, Giroud (x2) and Mbappe. Good start for Lee Blue. .
  2. Second half, 98th minute, the game is over
  3. Second half, 98th minute. Australia wants another chance, Behich keeps dribbling and finally forces Lloris to dive. .
  4. Yellow card for Australian Aaron Mooy during the second half, minute 94
  5. Second half, min. 90. +7. The fourth official gives seven more minutes to play. .
  6. Ryan blocks 5. What he can get, he takes. In the corner, Konate can head towards the goal, but with a nice jump Matthew Ryan knocks the ball wide of his own goal. . Second half, 89th minute.
  7. Second half, 89th minute. Goalkeeper Ryan shoots 5-1 outside the goal.

    Goalkeeper Ryan shoots 5-1 wide

  8. Second half, 89th minute. France substitution, Marcus Thuram inside, Olivier Giroud outside
  9. Second half, 89th minute. France substitution, Jules Conde inside, Benjamin Pavard out
  10. Second half, 88th minute. Matt Ryan must step in after a cross from Koeman. He didn’t have much work to do, and he didn’t always have a goal-scoring opportunity. .
  11. Second half, 85th minute. Substitution for Australia, Milos Degenek inside, Nathaniel Atkinson
  12. Second half, 85th minute. Australia switches, Keanu Backus entered, Jackson Irvine out
  13. Second half, 82nd minute. Mbappe is angry with himself. France controls the match. Griezmann found Mbappe in the penalty area with a great pass, but he missed his assumption, out of anger. .
  14. Yellow card for Australia’s Jackson Irvin during the second half, minute 80
  15. Second half, minute 77. France replaced by Kingsley Coman. Ousmane Dembele exit
  16. Second half, 77th minute. France substituted, Youssouf Fofana inside, Aurelien Chomini outside.
  17. Second half, minute 76. Enjoy Mbappe, an animated work of art. Philip Josh.
  18. Second half, 74th minute. Australia substitution, Garang Cole inside, Craig Goodwin
  19. Second half, minute 73. Australia switches, Awer Mabel enters, and Riley McGarry directs
  20. The second half, minute 72. Lmbappe accelerated and the second goal through Giroud: 4-1.

    Acceleration from Mbappe and the second goal from Giro: 4-1

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