February 1, 2023

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Avatar: The Way of Water is taking an unexpected hit at the box office

Avatar: Water Road It’s doing quite well at the box office at the moment, and January is also often a month when not many great releases are planned. However, there is a competitor coming.

Horror is indeed the genre that often peaks at the start of the new year and starts this week M3GAN Be the first to bid as many dollars as possible at the worldwide box office.

Movie Universal Studios About a deadly android doll is expected to open strongly in its first weekend with projections of more than $20 million.

Since the production budget was $12 million, a big profit is made immediately. Blue Na’vi on the planet Pandora James Cameron It probably won’t be taken off, but…

A little secret from Lookout
There is a potential audience that has gotten a little tired of the sequel and would rather go for something original. M3GAN It recently received reboots to make the final score more PG-13 and therefore more widely accessible.

But according to the director Gerald Johnson It only got scarier than this. The change is notable, as major R-rated horror titles are just beginning to appear… (Think The end of Halloween)

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