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Ayman and Nawska are high school sweethearts: “Even though I kept the boat away for the first nine months” |  the spark

Ayman and Nawska are high school sweethearts: “Even though I kept the boat away for the first nine months” | the spark

Ayman (26 years old) and Nawska (26 years old) got to know each other in high school. It all started with innocent dates at the park after school until the two ended up at a party. “The dark complexion of his Egyptian roots, his bright smile and his blue eyes were successful.” However, their relationship was not always smooth sailing.

Every love story has a beginning. strong click. First kiss. connection will not escape. In this column, readers tell us about the spark that lit their flame.

Target: Nausikaä and I went to Sacred Heart College in Waregem. Until the fourth year we were not in the same class. When we had to choose to study, we chose to trade. Until then she was alien to me.”

Nosica: “we High school sweetheartsEven though I kept the boat off the boat for the first nine months.”

Nosica: “His dark complexion to his Egyptian roots, his radiant smile and his blue eyes were an instant hit. I had never thought nor dared to dream of meeting my Princess Charming at such a young age.”

Target: Nausica wasn’t an attention-seeking or boisterous person, so I hadn’t noticed her before. As soon as I was in class with her, I liked her almost immediately.”

Target: “I don’t remember it anymore. We were too young to talk about a first date, although we met regularly before and after school in a park near the school.”

Nosica: “Our first real date? No idea. For us, the many moments before and after school were especially fun.”

Nosica: “A colleague organized a party. This is where we kissed first.”

Target: “We had many first kisses. There was no question about the relationship yet, although we were in frequent contact with each other and there was definitely some flirting.”

Target: “Since our first meeting, I gradually began to see her from a different perspective. For me, the spark at the party jumped where we kissed first. I especially remember feeling so happy when I got back on the bike home later that evening.”

Nosica: “Since I’ve known him, there has always been a vibe between us that I didn’t have with anyone else. There were definitely sparks during the school year, but it wasn’t until the day of the final exam that our friendship developed into true love.”

Nosica: The transition from secondary education to higher education was not so easy. Because of his hobbies, he had a busy schedule, which caused resentment, but we nevertheless stuck. ”

Target: “I had a busy life. In addition to the football training sessions, I was also a DJ, as a result of which there was not much free time left. Of course you did not always like it…”

Target: “I would never marry if that was never the approach.”

Nosica: Absolutely. He completes me like no other: I can sometimes react explosively, while he’s calming down. Plus, as teenagers, we’re the young adults we are today. Friends who are now getting to know someone have already built a life of their own, while Ayman and I We build our lives together over the years.”

Nosica: “We have great plans for the future. The big question has been asked, we will say yes on June 20, 2023: the day we will be together for 10 years.”

Target: “It couldn’t be better. We are busy planning our wedding, but we also fantasize about the kids from time to time.” (Laugh)

Ayman and Nausica © Florian Van Eno Photo News

• Ayman Abdullah (26 years old) works as an accountant.
• Nausikaä Dewaele (26 years old) works as a professional advisor.
• The couple lives in Welsby.
High school sweethearts It is the exception, not the rule. Although Ayman was a fan of Nausicaa almost immediately, the spark did not fly with her, even though there were kisses already during the school year. “At the parent meeting, the class teacher didn’t talk about my points, but asked my parents if they knew their daughter had a boyfriend.”

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