November 27, 2022

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Bacon with eggs for breakfast today?  Meat Chef's Tips on How to Bake Meat as Crispy as Possible in 1-2-3: "Thin slices cook faster" |  to eat

Bacon with eggs for breakfast today? Meat Chef’s Tips on How to Bake Meat as Crispy as Possible in 1-2-3: “Thin slices cook faster” | to eat

Long Weekend: Time for a comprehensive breakfast. Is bacon and eggs high on your list of favorites, but you can’t get enough crunchy bacon? Then the Internet often gives advice about flour as a secret ingredient. But is that really necessary to get crispy bacon strips? It is best to bake the meat in a frying pan, oven or air fryer most of the time Crispy result? Chef Matthias Jacobs of Antwerp’s Black Smoke steakhouse explains it all.

For Antwerp chef Matthias Jacobs, well-cooked bacon starts with buying the right meat. “Want good, crunchy bacon ASAP? Then order thin slices. They cook quickly to the bone. Plus, the quality of the bacon makes a huge difference. With cheaper bacon, water is injected into the meat to create a mass.” Bigger and you’ll notice that when you start frying, you’ll get more moisture in the pan. Really crispy bacon starts off with higher quality meat.”

What Kind of Bacon Is Crisp the Fastest?

Would you choose thick slices, thin slices, or cubes of bacon with that bacon? “It depends on the dish you’re preparing. Because the slices and cubes are thicker, they take longer to become crunchy with this type of bacon than with thinner slices. If it wants to caramelize on all sides, it will need more work with the cubes, because they need Heart it a lot.Then you should also keep a close eye on the fire.Bacon cubes definitely have their origins.At Black Smoke, for example, we make bourbon jam and maple syrup with bacon.I use cubes for that, because they are juicier on the inside. “.

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To get your purchased bacon crunchy, you need nothing but a skillet and fire. “You don’t even have to take this meat out of the fridge beforehand if you’re working with thin slices. The heat will immediately penetrate to the core,” the chef says. “This is a good idea for bacon slices over 1 cm thick. In that case, take the meat out of the fridge half an hour before, so you can make sure it cooks evenly.”

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Bacon cubes and thicker strips of bacon take a little longer to become very crunchy in the pan. © Shutterstock

With or without a greasy edge

Another dilemma we’d like to present to the chef: buy your bacon with nice, greasy edges or are you up to par Crispy Lean bacon result? “I myself am a fan of bacon with more fat, because it gives more flavor overall. Most of that fat stays in the pan. If you don’t necessarily plan to use bacon fat, you can also opt for bacon. Although I think We all know the fun of a sandwich with bacon fat and sugar, a tradition that grandparents often keep.Not healthy, but absolutely delicious. (Laugh)

Whether you’re looking for bacon with or without a fatty edge: As far as seasoning is concerned, keep it as simple as possible. “For me, high-quality bacon comes on its own when you prepare it well. The butcher has put all his or her zest into it, added seasoning to the brine and then carefully smoked or dried the bacon: just trust that it will be delicious on its own with no salt or pepper extra.”

What is the quickest way to get crispy meat?

There are also a lot of options for baking bacon: from the classic frying pan to the oven or air fryer. “The easiest way is a Tefal frying pan. It is also possible to use a regular frying pan, but the meat in it will burn a little faster. Although some nice touches to finish the dish. At the beginning of the baking process, it is preferable to put the pan on a little lower heat. Fat should not be used in This is the case, because bacon usually has enough fat on its own. Even if you buy the variant without the fat rim. When the fat in the bacon has melted, increase the heat a bit. This allows the meat to caramelize a bit. Plus, there will be The Maillard reaction.This is a chemical reaction that occurs between sugars and amino acids under the influence of heat.As a result, an ingredient such as meat, for example, acquires its typical taste and texture.When you sink your teeth into fried bacon, an explosion of flavor occurs in your mouth. That’s what you want to achieve with your baking skills.”

A fan bigger than the oven? According to Chef Jacobs, this kitchen tool also has the necessary assets. “Especially if you want to fry a large amount of bacon at once. If you have a lot of people and want to make breakfast for them, baking bacon in the oven is the best option. Lay the bacon slices on a baking sheet in a single layer. Put it in a 200-degree oven. After about 8 minutes, flip the bacon. This will make it crunchy on both sides. The advantage is also that your fire remains free for frying eggs, for example.”

You can also use the oven to cook bacon slowly, although it requires a little patience. “For slow cooked bacon, start with a thicker piece of bacon. You can put that in a 70 degree oven for 7 to 8 hours. Instead of frying the bacon, dry the bacon this way. The water and some salt will evaporate. The result is a softer-tasting bacon that has less salt in. Finally, with an air fryer, you also get that crunchier piece of meat: “Although I have less experience with this myself,” the chef admits. Because the machine makes everything Almost crunchy, I’m convinced this would also work with bacon.”

secret ingredient

Nowadays, flour is being traded on the internet as a key ingredient for a very crunchy result. Jacobs explains, “However, this is not the norm for professional chefs. It is possible that the flour will absorb some of the moisture, so you get a crunchy crust faster.” Although he doesn’t intend to put this into practice himself, “I’m a little skeptical about this tip because flour will give you a different taste. That’s not what we’re looking for when we think of crunchy bacon, as pure as possible is always better.”

When we ask about the best combos, the answer is simple for this chef. “Bacon goes well with everything. The classic egg dish is still very tasty of course, but even with meat and fish it is delicious. Crispy bacon or crumbs can perfectly open a dish thanks to its salty taste. In my restaurant we process bacon in Eclair. We fill it with cream patissiere with bourbon, a dulce de leche topping and finish with a crumble of pecans and bacon. That crunchy, salty touch completes the dish.”

Chef Tips: Crispy Bacon in 1-2-3

1. Buy high quality bacon in thin slices
2. Use a Tefal frying pan without fat
3. Start over low heat. When the fat melts, increase the heat

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