November 27, 2022

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Bad Wi-Fi First Aid: With These 6 Tips You Can Cure Your Bad Internet Connection |  my guide

Bad Wi-Fi First Aid: With These 6 Tips You Can Cure Your Bad Internet Connection | my guide

mining companyA good and stable WiFi connection at home is more important than ever, not least for (regular) home workers. After all, nothing is more annoying than a Teams meeting getting stuck due to bad WiFi. What can you do if your WiFi connection is disappointing? List of 6 useful tips.

Written by Felix Feret, in collaboration with Mijntelco


Not only do we demand more home WiFi because of the many homework; The number of devices using wireless internet has also increased sharply in recent years. Think smart TVs, digital assistants, and all kinds of smart devices.

We also use a lot of these devices at the same time. Anyway, this puts an extra load on the WiFi at home, which leads to slow internet.

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Tip 1: Maximum speed

The reason can also lie elsewhere, since there are many factors that affect the quality of the Wi-Fi network. The first step is to find out the actual speed of your WiFi connection. So you need to know the maximum speed that comes with your online subscription.

The easiest way to find out if your connection is meeting the promised speed is to run a speed test. Online you will find many websites where you can test your internet connection speed for free. If the speed seems somewhat similar, but you’re still having issues with WiFi, it may be that your internet subscription no longer matches your consumption.

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With 100Mbps you can go very far in most cases: What is fast internet and how to check it?

Tip 2: Upgrade

In this case, it is recommended to upgrade your subscription. Because if you exceed your data usage, your internet provider may limit your internet speeds. At 100Mbps, you’ll get a long way in most cases, for example to simply surf the Internet, check emails, or view photos and videos. Also for downloading files and watching movies in HD, this speed usually won’t bother you.

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Tip 3: Router Problems

In many cases, the reason for poor Wi-Fi connection could be the router. If it is old or of poor quality, it may affect your internet signal. If you’ve been using your modem for ten years, for example, a new modem with more modern hardware can do wonders for your Internet connection. You can also sometimes fix speed issues by turning the modem on and off – and resetting the device that way.

The most common reason for slow internet speeds is the position of the router. It may be too far from your device or encountering so many obstacles, such as thick walls, extra insulation, etc., that WiFi signals cannot reach your device properly. In such a situation, a WiFi extender or WiFi network can help. It amplifies the signal to different parts of your home.

Tip 4: Hardware

Slow internet can also be due to network overload. By turning off the devices you don’t need at that moment, you are freeing up capacity. The culprits are also often apps that keep running unnecessarily in the background and thus consume bandwidth. If you use a VPN to improve your online privacy, know that it also slows down your internet connection.

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Your device’s operating system may also be the culprit. Check your device settings to see if you need a software update and if that helps.

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Tip 5: External Causes

Sometimes you have to look for the reason more, for example with your neighbours. If your network is not poorly secured or unsecured, it is possible to connect to your home network from the outside – consciously or unconsciously. So a strong and secure password is very important. Choose a password that is long and unique, with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other characters.

Malware also damages performance speed. Malware runs invisibly in the background, but requires bandwidth and working memory, with all the associated consequences. So antivirus software is important to prevent malicious files, but also for your performance speeds.

Tip 6: Research

Finding the cause of a slow Wi-Fi connection can be very difficult and often a matter of “trial and error”. If our tips do not help, it is best to contact your Internet service provider or a professional.

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