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Balcony time: this is how you get everything from your outdoor space |  garden

Balcony time: this is how you get everything from your outdoor space | garden

vtwonenIt’s time to get out. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious garden, smart use of space is always advised. But how do you do it elegantly? From the right order to the best flower: Explains how to optimally use each square meter.

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sun or shade

There are a number of points that you should take into consideration when designing your balcony. For example, do you want a balcony in the sun or in the shade? Consider the tips below and you will soon enjoy the perfect balcony.

balcony in the shade:

The shaded terrace is especially great if you don’t like sitting in the bright sun, so it’s perfect for the hot summer. Keep in mind that not all plants grow well in shade. These 16 plants grow best in shade.

sunny balcony:

Is your balcony in bright sunlight? Then it is recommended to use an umbrella or shading cloth, since it is not wise to sit in the full sun for a long time. When choosing an umbrella, you should think carefully about what you want: there are a lot of colors and materials. In addition, the canopy should be large enough, but it should also fit into your garden. Read here how to choose the right canopy for your garden. Choosing to plant in the sun is not difficult, all summer annuals and container plants do well here.

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© Jeroen van der Sek, Cleo Schuldermann


The most difficult part in designing a balcony is the correct planning. How many family members should use the balcony? Is there enough space for everyone to sit somewhere? The sun loungers can be placed in the sun and it is best to place the dining table in a place with more shade. If the balcony is adjacent to the living room or kitchen, then you should also take into account the sight lines. The design of the balcony can significantly affect the view from the house. Draw a floor plan for the facility and draw sight lines and walking paths to arrive at the correct layout. Read here how to map your balcony or garden.

garden furniture

Of course, garden furniture should not be missing on the balcony. You can choose a large garden table suitable for dining or work. You also have to look for the right lawn chairs. For sunbathing, it is better to leave the reclining chairs and adjustable chairs, which are very useful for the dining table. You can also purchase a complete lounge set to sit comfortably.

Jeroen van der Sek, Cleo Schuldermann
© Jeroen van der Sek, Cleo Schuldermann

Indoor outdoor furniture

In addition to special garden furniture, there is also wonderful indoor furniture outside. Very useful if you sometimes sit on your terrace and do not have the budget or want to buy a new set for this. When choosing furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors, you should pay attention to a number of things, because not every material can withstand spontaneous rain or storm.

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Lightweight: It’s easy to be able to pick up your side table or bean bag yourself. So concrete is not a good idea, but plastic or metal. Some pieces of furniture have a handy handle that you can use to move or pull out.

Multifunctional: The chair is a chair and side table in one, so you can always use an extra chair. In addition to your hammock, it serves as a place for a book, a drink, a cell phone, and if someone comes unexpectedly, you have a seat on offer.

waterproof: Take only weatherproof outdoor furniture. Sometimes you forget to take your seat inside and then there are also unexpected showers.

Won’t you buy new garden furniture? This is how you keep your old device completely clean.

outdoor tiles

Also not unimportant: the type of pavement. It is wise to lay stone tiles under tables and chairs. Your chairs can be very shaky in gravel or other loose materials.

plants and pots

You can decorate the balcony with potted plants. For example, provide it in a modern way with large pots with only one type of plant. Do you like diversity? Then put all the different types of plants in different small pots. It is good to put it on a vegetable table or etagère. If you do not have a lot of space, it is better to choose square containers, because you can place them opposite each other.

More inspiration for your balcony and garden? Take a look inside the vtwonen example gardens.

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