July 24, 2024

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Barely 4,500 customers choose their monthly energy bills: ‘ridiculous when you see how many people have bills’ |  energy prices

Barely 4,500 customers choose their monthly energy bills: ‘ridiculous when you see how many people have bills’ | energy prices

energy pricesSince April 1, 2022, people with a digital counter belonging to a major supplier can opt for monthly invoicing instead of the system with advances and annual final settlement. But in September, only 4,190 had a monthly bill for electricity and 340 for gas. This is evidenced by figures presented by Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) in the Flemish Parliament.

Since April 1, anyone with a digital meter can request a monthly bill from their energy supplier, at least if they are a customer of a large supplier with at least 200,000 points of purchase. Due to the monthly bills, the customer only pays for the energy they actually use instead of the (too high?) ​​monthly advances. The downside to monthly bills is that costs are much higher in the winter months.

At the moment, few people seem to opt for such monthly bills. Minister Demir said, “In September, there were 4,190 customers with monthly electricity bills and 340 with monthly gas bills.”

“That’s pretty small when you see how many people have their bills and advances,” answers Representative Robrecht Bothuyne for CD&V. These developments do not take into account the savings efforts of families. Billing on a monthly basis can address that,” according to the CD&V member.

Media campaign

Bothin urged the minister to launch a media campaign to better inform citizens. Minister Demir was aware of this proposal. “I will ask the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA) to provide the necessary information so that people can make an informed decision,” Demir said.

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According to the minister, four energy suppliers currently offer the option of monthly billing (Engie, Luminus, Eneco and TotalEnergies (formerly Lamberis), ed.). All obligated suppliers offer the option of monthly invoicing. According to Demir, there is still one exception, which is TotalEnergies Power & Gas. It is up to the Flemish Energy Regulator (VREG) to enforce the compliance.

Smaller suppliers may also provide monthly invoices, but are not yet required to do so. “I don’t know if we should do that yet. There is a fear that they don’t have the resources to adapt their systems,” Minister Demir said.

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