February 1, 2023

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Barendrechts Dagblad | The municipality wants to test Doormanplein: balconies, no cars

Barendrecht municipality has plans to extend the four catering terraces on the Doormanplein for a trial period of three years and to remove parking spaces. The terraces will be placed in the middle of the square with a driveway next to them so residents can use their cars to access the driveway of their Doormanplein home. This plan was discussed at the Spatial Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday. Making Doormanplein car-free had been mooted, but then the municipality of Barendrecht was finally dismissed by a judge after residents protested.

However, the municipality attaches great importance to keeping parked cars away from the most beautiful (historic) square in Barendrecht. Catering entrepreneurs would prefer to see another option: more spacious terraces in the summer and simply parking their cars at Doormanplein in the winter. After a three-year trial period, the municipality wants to draw up a final design plan.

spatial setting

Doormanplein would become a central meeting place for the village;
The terraces will be centrally located on the square. An area of ​​approximately 10 by 22 metres, about 220 square metres, is available for this purpose. This space is divided equally between the four applicants.
The pier area on the northwest side will be preserved;
On the northwest side is a 5-meter-wide area for emergency traffic, re-routing and private lane access;
A free bar of at least 2 meters wide will be erected in front of Diggels, Café De Uitspanning and Doormanplein 6-8.
max 2 parking spaces adjacent to Doormanplein 6-8;
Nearly 24 bike parking spaces have been added next to it
war memorial;
green bar (few trees or (high)
borders) along the Dorpsstraat with public benches
on the Dorpsstraat side;
For example, a lonely tree in the center of the room.

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Photo: Barendrecht municipality