February 6, 2023

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Bart Swings: "I agreed with my coach to go after every Dutchman" |  Winter Games

Bart Swings: “I agreed with my coach to go after every Dutchman” | Winter Games

Hanne Desmet and Bart Swings came to tell their story about the Winter Games Tuesday night at De Afspraak on Canvas. When it came to a strong match in the Swings’ team start, the skater gave insight into his tactical plan.

“I knew up front that the Dutch (Sven Kramer and Jurit Bergsma) were going to attack and they did it really well. They took turns with little time in between.”

“I had already agreed with my coach before the match that I would go after every Dutch player. We wanted to win.”

“I soon noticed that if I didn’t close the gap myself every time, the Dutch would move away. Only after the third or fourth time did I start to wonder if I would continue, because of course I brought all the runners to the finish line.”

The “swing plan” also took this into account. He had to win back the Dutch and at the same time hurt the competition behind him. “Sometimes I fill a gap by accelerating step by step.”

“Now I’ve always acted quickly and explosively, so they also had to bite their teeth behind me.”

Bart Swings is known as the person who pays attention to every detail. His studies as a civil engineer in recent days are often mentioned with his golden achievement. It would give him greater analytical skills.

“Maybe,” Swings himself had some doubts. “I always have a tactical plan before the match. It gives me peace and confidence, because the conditions are always hectic.”

“Whether or not my game is good, I always have the feeling that I got everything out of it.”

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