September 26, 2023

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Bart Versluys determined to continue wearing expensive watches: 'I will not put up with this bullshit'

Bart Versluys determined to continue wearing expensive watches: ‘I will not put up with this bullshit’

West Flemish Bart Versluys building promoter hasn’t returned his expensive Richard Mille watch, but says he hasn’t experienced any shock from the violent theft. As a watch collector, he will also continue to wear his expensive gadgets around his wrist. “I will not adjust to street bullshit,” he said in response to Radio 2 on Tuesday.

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Surveillance photos of the burglary in Ostend are very frightening. The moment Bart Versluis steps into his car, two men suddenly appear running with him on the ground, delivering a few blows and taking off at lightning speed with an exclusive Richard Mille watch.

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pepper spray training

Versluis says he didn’t get much from it. “I recovered after half an hour,” he says softly. Radio 2† “But I am still very angry. Angry because I could not defend myself against this cowardly move.”

The developer of the project has not given up and in the meantime is training himself in self-defense. “I immediately started the practice of using pepper spray on Sunday. Now I know I shouldn’t have to fear in the future and go for it with pepper spray.” However, possession of click material is prohibited in our country. Versluys has a clear opinion on the matter. “Bullshit in Belgium has all rights, while the average citizen has no rights.”

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a “ridiculous” mess

Versluys is also considering the hype around wearing such expensive watches. “I think this is very absurd. I bought that watch nine years ago for 35,000 euros.” It is by no means the only Versluy wristwatch. “I change the watches every two or three days. I also have 800 euros and some are more expensive.”

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He refutes that Richard Mille is currently worth €350,000. “Brand new is worth at most €250,000. But the mine is somewhat damaged and has deep scratches. You don’t even get half the price for it,” says Versluis, who says he’s not interested in the value of his watches.


He calls himself a true watch collector. “I actually have the same thing with cars and art. I am, in fact, a collector of dispositions. I wore my first watch when I was 14 and still have it in my collection.”

But he also wears most of those watches effectively. “I don’t buy watches to put in my closet. And yes, I will continue to do so from now on. I will not fit into the crap of the street.”


However, this “nonsense” has yet to be discovered and Versluys has not yet received his precious watch. “I trust the police are doing their job well. I’m an impatient person by nature, so I guess it takes a long time before they catch these culprits. If it depended on me, they were supposed to be in jail on Saturday night. But ok I will have to test my patience.”