October 4, 2022

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Bashir Abdi: Do not rule out that I will attack the world record in the marathon |  Athletics

Bashir Abdi: Do not rule out that I will attack the world record in the marathon | Athletics

“It has been a great sporting year, not only for me, but also for Belgium,” the 32-year-old Somali-born athlete kicked in the open door. “Hopefully we can have similar years with Team Belgium, but for me it was definitely a great year.”

This earned him the Flemish giant and the National Cup of Sports Merit.

Even if it’s not just luck in 2020, said Abdi, who works hard for his successes. “If I run 200 km a week, nothing comes naturally. I’ve also had ups and downs. They are always a part of it.” . He often goes on an internship at altitude to Ethiopia, where relief is hard to find.

But those efforts are paying off. At the end of October, Abdi ran 2u03’36” in the marathon in Rotterdam, breaking the European record, meaning: 20.5 km/h on average for two hours.

However, the number 2 in the last Sportgala always sees room for improvement. “Every great athlete intends to reach a certain level and grow from there.”

“I’ve now run at 20.5 km/h, and the question is: ‘Can I go faster?'” “I totally dream about it. I don’t rule out that one day I will attack the world record.” Since 2018, it has been Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge at 2:01:39″.

Now time is not more important than Abdi’s medals. “It’s about combining the two. Times are there to improve, and medals are forever.”

“2022 is an important sporting year with the World Championships in Eugene, USA. I am no longer the underdog, but one of the best candidates. I hope to be able to fulfill this role. But I also dream of being in the history books as one of the fastest people in the world to run a marathon.” “.

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