March 25, 2023

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Basketball club Castors Braine welcomes second Ukrainian player: 'Husband and father should have left them behind'

Basketball club Castors Braine welcomes second Ukrainian player: ‘Husband and father should have left them behind’

Victoria Balaban. © Fiba

Ukraine’s Victoria Balaban is temporarily leaving her Ukrainian team Promty for Castors Braine. Balaban, 25, is a fugitive from the war in Ukraine. After Valeriya Berezhynska, she is the second Ukrainian leader of Walloon Brabant. Castors Braine is the unbeaten leader in the top women’s division. Kangaroos Mechelen, the winner and the trophy, announced the arrival of US reinforcements this week.

Patrick Seulmans

Victoria Balaban is no stranger to Castors Braine. The 25-year-old shooting guard clinched the Castors Championship this season in the Women’s European Cup 1/8 finals. At the end of last month, war broke out in her homeland and Promty recently retired from competition. The men’s team was in the Champions League group with Ostend.

“We were contacted by Victoria Balaban and her manager at the end of last week,” the club said in a statement. She was residing near the Polish border at the time. In the first place, her question was whether she could stay with us, in a peaceful country. We welcomed her without hesitation and she can stay however she wants. Meanwhile, she joined us. She had to leave her husband and father in Ukraine. Meanwhile, her mother has arrived in Poland and intends to continue traveling to Belgium. “We’ll also welcome her with open arms,” ​​Castors Breen added.

The Walloon Brabant is undefeated and leads the Women’s First Division with a score of 16 out of 16. But in the Belgium Cup, she was knocked out in the semi-finals in her center by Kanjaros Michelin two weeks ago. Mechelen FC won the Belgian Cup against Liege Panthers on Saturday after a demonstration. “We’re going to double down,” said Belgium’s Kat Laurie Rismont. In the rush to the first title, Kangaroos Mechelen will announce an American boost this week. “Lote de Meyer will not be active in this campaign. That’s why we’re going to strengthen ourselves for the play-offs,” Maniplosers coach Arvid Dels said. De Meyer is exhausted.

Lotte de Meyer.


There is no return to Hind bin Abdul-Qadi

The Belgian cat Hind bin Abdelkader will definitely not return to Belgium and the kangaroo. Her brother, Bilal bin Abdul Qadir, assistant coach, Michelin Club. “We’ve already talked, but Hind hasn’t come to us,” Arvid Dills said.

Hind Ben Abdelkader is active this season in the Russian league with Nika Syktyvkar. She also made a successful comeback with the Belgian Cat team in February. She no longer works in Nika’s last match. After Emma Mesiman (Yekaterinburg) and Julie Vanlo (Krasnboyarsk), she, too, will leave Russia.

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