July 12, 2024

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Battlefield 2042 gets a new scoreboard in February – Games – News

DICE has shared details about upcoming updates for Battlefield 2042. This week, the studio is releasing an update with bug fixes and XP changes for Portal Mode. A larger update will follow in February, in which the scoreboard will be revamped, among other things.

DICE reports in a thread on Twitter It will come with Update 3.2 for Battlefield 2042 on Thursday, February 20th. It contains “minor bug fixes and improvements”, which are aimed at stabilizing the game. In this same update, changes will be made to the pool of experience points in Portal Mode. For example, the XP limit will be increased to 300 per minute in all Portal game modes.

Update 3.3 will follow in the second half of February. In it, a new leaderboard is added to the game, which displays more information than the current variant. The new leaderboard shows a list of players with the highest scores in the round, participants who score near the same player and team members. The updated leaderboard also displays details about the round, earned bars, and other stats. Update 3.3 should also make “other changes”, but no details are known about that yet.

In the long term, DICE is working on improvements to improve performance. Player matchmaking and voice chat preferences are still “on DICE’s radar,” but no more details have been shared yet. The studio said, “There are no updates on these two topics today, but we want to reassure everyone that we still keep these in mind. We will show and share more on these topics at a later time.”

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Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19 for consoles and PC. shooter received negative By the players, among other things due to errors, the system done layersPlaying with firearms and other aspects of gameplay. Developer dice pointed To address various aspects of the game in response to criticism, including stating that it is considering a new leaderboard. The company has now also made various adjustments, among other things, improving the scoring of results.

a work in progressA copy of the new scoreboard. Image via DICE, Via Twitter