December 6, 2022

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Because of anonymity, we hope cheaters won't see Vanguard and Warzone anymore

Because of anonymity, we hope cheaters won’t see Vanguard and Warzone anymore

It shouldn’t be a secret anymore, but Call of Duty: Vanguard And Warzone is still a cheaters’ mecca to this day. Figures shared by Activision show that cheaters are still making their way into the multiplayer shooter’s servers. But if it were up to Ricochet to trick the ants, the spoiler sports would soon stop working. Literally.

Activision announces with bravura that New anti-fraud procedure You will meet: Anonymity. What exactly does this measurement do? Well… Anonymity. But only honest players like you and me. Once a cheater is discovered, any honest player becomes invisible and inaudible to him. Even the shots you fire are untraceable. Once someone starts sounding crazy and “Who shot me?!” Hearing the sound of the dice through the headset, you know you have a bite. This is very funny. This way you at least have some fun with such a spoiler.

Well, it turned out to be necessary. The Call of Duty Ban Hammer Keeps waving. Activision has closed more than 54,000 accounts since the last ban wave, while in that time – mid-March – it also showed 90,000 players the digital door. Well, as long as you’re Bob in the live stream, right? So yeah, you should probably act on your own from now on. You don’t want to miss the genius Godzilla x King Kong game called Operation Monarch in Warzone, do you? What a tragedy…

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