September 26, 2023

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Behaviorist Rint Jan Renes says he'll feel great sooner if we start behaving more sustainably.

Behaviorist Rint Jan Renes says he’ll feel great sooner if we start behaving more sustainably.

We are in the midst of a climate crisis, but we fly away and eat meat regularly. Sometimes it makes journalist Tim de Young desperate. Behavioral scientist Reint Jan Renes gives him hope. He is confident that we will act more sustainably by 2030.

Reint Jan Renes looks a little odd when he gets to his brothers in Twente with his public transport bike. They say “we can also take you”. Rines is Professor of Psychology for a Sustainable City at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). In his living lab in Amsterdam, he studies what ensures that people choose sustainable clothing, or choose a sustainable transportation option. In the midst of the Corona crisis, Raines was part of RIVM’s Corona Conduct Unit. Now, along with other behavioral scientists, he advises the Department of Economic Affairs and Climate on how to use behavioral knowledge in climate policy.

Three of his brothers live in Twente and have completely different lives. Raines: They drive a tractor and love to eat meat. They think the whole idea of ​​a public transport bike is crazy. If I also say I want to put vegan meat on the grill, that means it does something. When I come, they want to talk about nitrogen right away.

Less meat, I want there …

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