November 30, 2022

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De Belgian Cats overtroefden Bosnië op alle vlakken.

Belgian cats thunder under the watchful eye of Remko Evenpoel over weakened Bosnia | Basketball World Cup

After the tough victory over Puerto Rico, a competitor presented himself on Monday who defeated Belgium in the last two matches. But the naturalized WNBA champion Jonquil Jones is nothing but a shadow of the team the Cats lost twice last year.

Bosnia had already lost their first 3 matches in this World Cup and also had to go through the rule of strongest against Belgium. Jones was quite in the grip of a solid defense and also in attack he turned more than right on the Belgian side.

In a good first half, it was Julie Vanlow who made her offensive mark. In the first half, the soul had already sunk into the Bosnian boots, with a 15-point lead on the scoreboard: 37-22.

Supported by, among others, new cycling world champion Remco Evenepoel In the hall, the Belgian cats continued their momentum after the break. Lenskins and Ben Abdelkader are now starting to score, and as the gap widens, the national coach has been able to rest his key players.

This rest was imposed on Emma Meesemann, as the best Belgian player disappeared off the bench early in the second half after feeling something in her calf. Meesseman will perform another examination today to determine the severity of the injury.

But even without Messman, the cats easily held their positions. The benches led the team to a big win: 85-55. Belgium is now certain of its place in the quarter-finals. With the win over strong China, the Cats could become second in the group tomorrow, which could come in handy in the quarter-final draw.

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In the meantime, Emma Messman’s candle may be lit. The strong Belgian has scored fewer goals in these World Cups, but he especially excels in team play and remains an indispensable link to the team. A serious injury to Maismann means a huge damper for the Belgian cats.

Belgium: Ben Abdelkader 18, Linskins 13, Vanlo 13, Allemand 7, Delayer 6, Liswa 6, Becky Massey 6, Billy Massey 5, Messman 4, Ramit 2, Raismont 5, Joris 0