July 20, 2024

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Belgium is about to ease Corona measures in the restaurant and culture sector |  abroad

Belgium is about to ease Corona measures in the restaurant and culture sector | abroad

Restaurants and cafes can remain open for one hour from January 28: until midnight. From that moment on, concert halls and theaters are allowed to use 70 to 100 percent of the hall capacity. Now a maximum of 200 people are allowed in. Important condition: there must be adequate ventilation.

Bowling centers and indoor courts are also allowed to open again. Our southern neighbors continue to stick to work from home and a mouth covering commitment.


At the same time, Belgium tightens the traffic rules for Corona. As of March 1, people must have had a booster shot five months after their last shot to get into a restaurant or pool, for example. De Croo confirmed that the Corona Corridor is a temporary measure.

As in the Netherlands, infection records in Belgium are being smashed, but Prime Minister de Croo asserts that Omicron is reducing disease and that many people have been vaccinated. “It doesn’t put more pressure on health care,” says the prime minister. “People who get very sick are at risk or not vaccinated.”

De Croo is cautious about the future, but is hopeful that the epidemic will eventually develop into a pandemic where the situation will look more like a regular flu. “Unfortunately, that has not yet been the case.”

corona scale

After a heated debate between different governments, Belgium also agreed to introduce the “halo scale”. With three color codes (green, orange and red), the actions of the Belgians should become more predictable.

Our southern neighbors will start ‘Code Red’ at the end of this month due to the pressure on healthcare. With Code Orange, there is an “increasing pressure in healthcare” and more measures are being abandoned. With Code Green, the situation is under control, and almost anything is possible again.

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