June 3, 2023

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Below Ground Level – Junior (6+)

After the success of the documentary below ground level For adults, there is now also a special children’s version (from 6 years old).

Did you know that more soil animals live in a handful of soil than there are people living on Earth? More than eight billion! We humans have depended on soil for thousands of years. Plants that provide us with oxygen grow in the soil. Our food comes from the soil. Our homes are built from materials (such as wood, clay, and cement) that come from the soil. Without soil, life as we know it would not exist. But we do not know this world. the movie Below Maaveld Junior It changes that and for the first time gives you a glimpse into the wonderful world beneath our feet, the very foundation of our existence.

In the film, we follow a group of children who discover this world step by step. They start with “ewe” and “ah” and find their hands in the floor dirty. But they soon became big fans of life underground and wanted to know more about trees that talk to each other, fungi that reach 10 km in length, worms that pass through the entire soil every year, and microscopic tardigrades, which have survived in our area. nature for millions of years.

All soil animals are indispensable in nature: they keep the soil healthy. Plants, insects, mammals, and birds live in the world above ground, but so do many people. But there is also a world below us, right under our feet. Exciting underground world of moles, caterpillars, worms, fungi, bacteria, woodlice, spiders, centipedes and much more. Most benthic animals are small in size, but they do great things for nature.

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the movie Below Maaveld Junior It takes you on a journey underground to all kinds of creatures you’ve never seen before! Soil life plays a very important role in everything that grows and thrives on our Earth. And the special thing is that you can also maintain the health of the soil in your area. After watching the movie, you look at your environment in a completely different way and feel like you start with yourself. Clear the tiles from the garden and give nature a helping hand.