November 29, 2022

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Belvius replaces first man insurance |  Standard

Belvius replaces first man insurance | Standard

Belvius has appointed Frederic van der Schweren as the new Chief Executive Officer of the insurance business. Dirk Vandershreck’s mandate has not been extended.

Fleming Dirk Vanderschrick was a Belfius veteran who still comes from the Bacob stable. When Belvius separated from Dexia in 2011, he was given the task of rebuilding the bank. Four years ago, he moved from the banking branch to the insurance branch, and became its CEO. But Belvius decided not to renew his mandate. In a press release, Belvius said 55-year-old Frederic van der Schweren, chief financial officer of Belvius Insurance, will succeed Vanderschreck.

Van der Schweren is also a veteran of Belvius. He has the MR label, which has led some to suggest that his appointment would have a political aspect. Belvius vehemently denied these rumors. Vander Schueren, who until last year was the head of the National Lottery.

With Vandershreck’s departure, a second director in Belvius has disappeared in no time. Director Gert Van Mol left earlier. East Fleming has become the co-CEO of the West Flemish Steenoven project developer.

Belvius overcame a deep crisis and gained a place among the leading financial institutions. The question is what comes after the years of reconstruction.

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