January 19, 2022

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Ben Affleck had to fix his teeth because of "Armageddon" |  showbiz

Ben Affleck had to fix his teeth because of “Armageddon” | showbiz

celebritiesIt often happens that actors have to gain weight or lose weight for a role, but getting new teeth is not uncommon. Actor Ben Affleck (49) can talk about it. For his “sexy” role in “Armageddon”, he had not only the perfect body, but also perfect teeth.

The actor recently spoke in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the requirements he had to meet before he could land his “sexy” role in 1998’s Armageddon: “I was a little naive about the opinions people would form about me,” Affleck told V. the interview.

He continued, “They allowed me to replace my teeth, play sports and be sexy. Being sexy, how can I do that? “Go to the gym!” They told me I ran for miles at the gym and put oil on my body. In the end, I looked like a low-budget version of those topless men on the calendars.”

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Ben Affleck left in 1997 for his role and right in 1998 © Getty Images / MiraMax

According to Affleck, the film’s director, Michael Bay, had a very specific vision for the film: “A shiny, well-oiled male torso. That would then go into the trailer and sell a lot of tickets.”

The film brought a lot of money, but “Armageddon” did not receive the best reviews. Affleck revealed that his kids liked the movie. “It’s funny because this is the only movie my kids have seen and they all admit that they love it despite laughing at me,” the star said. “But they enjoyed it, you know what I mean? It makes me happy too.”

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