April 1, 2023

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Ben Broders after 'career peak': 'There's more when I rest' |  Diamond League

Ben Broders after ‘career peak’: ‘There’s more when I rest’ | Diamond League

After a week of increasing his intensity to 5.85 metres, Ben Broders crossed 5.80 metres on Saturday in Paris, immediately enough to win the Diamond League meet in the French capital.

“What does this mean to me? This is one of the highlights of my career,” Broders told Sporza yesterday.

However, the path to Paris was not clear. “I decided in time to leave, just because there was a chance of winning. Mundo (Duplantis, the world superstar) wasn’t there once and then the field opened.”

On Thursday, Broders participated in the Oslo meeting. “I flew to Brussels on Friday, because that flight was already booked. Then I went to Paris by car on Saturday morning. It was a tough day.”

Not only because of the flight, but also because of the heat in Paris. “It was impossible. We were allowed into the field at 7 pm, but the sun was still shining there. It was 40 degrees. Then your tank was empty earlier, but I was well prepared.”

The World Cup will be held in the United States in July, and the European Championships will be held in Munich in August. This Ben Broders may be ambitious.

“Things are going well, I can’t complain. I now have stable preparations,” explains his high level.

“Last year I struggled with injury for a long time, but at the end of the summer I was still working in BR and extending that into the winter with smart training sessions. That is paying off now.”

Summer fruit can taste particularly sweet. “In terms of length, there’s definitely more to it in time, if you’re a little comfortable.”

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“Eugene was also my first youth tournament. It’s good to be back there for the World Cup. That has sentimental value.”

“I especially want to keep that relaxed atmosphere. What we’re doing now, it’s working.”