February 5, 2023

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Ben Broders wins DL meet in Paris, Nafie Thiam 'extremely satisfied' after high jump |  Diamond League

Ben Broders wins DL meet in Paris, Nafie Thiam ‘extremely satisfied’ after high jump | Diamond League

In Paris – where it was hot – the Diamond League encounter produced some great Belgian performances. Ben Broders confirmed his excellent form with a win. Nafeh Thiam participated in the high jump for the first time since the monument in the French capital and jumped for joy.

1st for Ben Broders

electrode valve Ben Brothers So it has a taste for it. Last weekend, he sharpened his BR with a jump over 5.85m.

A few days ago, it was a slightly less day in Oslo, but the Broeders are back on track in their Paris baking oven.

Our compatriot passed 5.50 m, 5.65 m (two attempts), 5.75 m and 5.80 m. At 5.85 meters he scored 3 clear jumps.

Renaud Lavillenie also passed 5.80 metres, but the old man needed two attempts.

Thus, the Broders win the Diamond League meeting for the first time. The brothers were preceded by only three Belgians: Kevin Burley, Philippe Milanoff and Navi Thiam.

The Broders are now second in the Diamond League standings, behind world record mother Mundo Duplantis. She was missing in Paris.

“I felt it was a chance to win the Diamond League”

“The heat was intense and exhausting. But there was enough pause between jumps, so that I could recover well,” Ben Broders began the story of his evening in Paris.

“At 5.80 metres, I passed it very smoothly, and then the barrel ended. It was a matter of waiting, interesting because Renault Lafellini still had a turn at the end, but it was all right until it finished well.”

The Leuven native is the fourth Belgian player to win the Diamond League title. “Paris wasn’t really on my agenda and I didn’t think it was an easy decision, but I felt it might be a chance in my career to win the Diamond League,” said Broders, who didn’t have to. Fear of the absence of world record holder Mundo Duplantis.

Winning in Paris is a boost from Eugene’s point of view. “It gives me confidence in the World Cup where I would like to jump 5.90 metres.”

“This race is another confirmation that I’m doing well. Right now I can’t change much. There is no reason to assume I won’t be competing for trophies in Eugene.”

There is no reason to believe that I will not be competing for awards at Eugene.

Ben Brothers

A new exam for Nafie Tiam’s back

Nafie Thiamy She systematically increases the pressure on her body towards the World Cup and the European Championships next summer.

After a few sprint numbers and long jumps the past few weeks, a new test followed tonight with the high jump.

Thiam (PR: 2.02m) is usually an excellent high jump performer in a heptathlon, 1.95m in Paris being plenty.

1.75m, 1.80m and 1.84m went without any problems, at 1.88m a retest was required.

1.92 m was clearly visible again, but at 1.95 m the shaft fell 3 times.

Thiam thus finished seventh in the competition, but 1.92m – which equates to her best season last year at the Games and in September at the Memorial – can be considered a boost.

The victory for Ukraine’s Yaroslava Mahochic was the best performance of the year: 2.01 meters for the bronze medal from Tokyo.

“I am very satisfied”

“I am very satisfied,” said Nafie Thiam afterwards. “I’m going up straight after all these back problems which is really cool.”

“After this injury, I only did three high jump sessions, one with a full lead on Tuesday, and it was disastrous. That gives me a lot of confidence. If you know how little training I have, I should definitely be able to rise to the occasion. Top in the World Cup in July. Hopefully, he will already be in Liege.”

On her home circuit, Thiam will complete both the 100-meter hurdles and the high jump on June 29. First, the Belgian championship in Gentbrugge is scheduled for next weekend. “I chose the long jump and the obstacles,” she said.

The double Olympic champion has now completed four of the six World Cup preparatory matches.

“I’m on the right track. Because of these kinds of matches my confidence has increased. I try not to think too much about that back injury.”

In Paris, Thiam missed the European Championship cap in Munich in August, when you might want to jump high. 1m95 is required for this.

“I didn’t even know that was the limit,” she said. “Just saying: I’m completely focused on the World Cup in Eugene.”

I’m on the right track. It is through these types of competitions that my confidence increases. I’m trying to think less and less about that back injury.

Nafie Thiamy

No legs from Bern to Burley

In the 400 metres, Kevin Burlet finished seventh at 46″ 64, a second and a half over the 45″ 12 he scored in Bern on Tuesday.

“My back hurt in training yesterday,” Burley said. “I thought it would be fine, but that turned out not to be the case.”

“The start was good, but then I couldn’t move as well as I wanted. I don’t think it was a serious injury. But I think it’s a shame, because this was a great opportunity in a big meeting.”

Burley is not explicitly chasing the boundaries of the World Cup. In the 4x400m race there will be anyway in Eugene.

“I try not to worry about it,” he concluded. “I don’t even know if I’m still working for the World Cup or not.

In the 5,000m race, Isaac Kimeli finished in the rear.

In the women’s competition, Shelley-Ann Fraser-Price had her best performance of the world at 10’67. The nine-time world champion is 35 years old, but she has not worn out at all.

Men’s results
400 meters 1. Stephen Gardiner (BAH) 44″ 21
7. Kevin Burley 46″ 64
200 meters 1. Luxolo Adams (ZAf) 19″ 82
800 meters 1. Benjamin Robert (Fra) 1’43” 75
5000 meters 1. Solomon Barriga (Eth) 12’56” 19
12. Isaac Kimlik 13’35” 74
110 meters hurdles 1. Devon Allen (USA) 13″ 16
pole vault 1. Ben Brothers 5.80 m
2. Renault Lavillenie (FRA) 5.80 m
triple jump 1. Jordan Diaz-Forton (cub) 17.66 AD
women results
100 meters 1. Shelley Ann Fraser Price (jam) 10″ 67
400 meters 1. Shauna Miller Uibo (BAH) 50″ 10
100 meters hurdles 1. Toby Amosan (NJ) 12″ 41
Church tower 3000 meters 1. Winfried Motel Yaffe (Brunn) 8’56” 55
High jump 1. Jaroslava Mahocic (UK) 2.01 m
7. Nafie Thiamy 1,92 m
javelin 1. Haruka Kitaguchi (Japanese) 63.13 AD
Discus throwing 1. Valary Allman (USA) 68.68 pm
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06/05 Rabat (March) Report
06/09 Rome (ETA) Report
06/16 Oslo (no) Report
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07/30 Shanghai (China)
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10/08 Monaco
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09/02 Brussels
07-08 / 09 Zurich (Switzerland)
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