June 10, 2023

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BeReal comes with Bonus BeReal: several BeReals per day

You can now post multiple BeReals per day. At least, that’s only possible if you put in your regular BeReal on time. With this, the social medium changes its concept, and at the same time ensures that people who genuinely enjoy BeRealen are finally rewarded.

A real bonus

BeReal is the social go-to that’s not about likes and filters, but about taking a photo at a specific time of the day using both your phone’s front and back camera. You get two minutes for it: It’s not enough to put on your face full of makeup or find a great location and make everyone jealous. With the writer of this piece, it’s probably a laptop 9 times out of 10.

But now people who accurately post in a couple of minutes can count on a little extra. This feature comes in the form of Bonus BeReal, which allows you to place multiple BeReals per day. Not everyone will appreciate it: the idea of ​​one photo a day is great, plus: posting multiple photos breaks up the one photo a day setup and the diary BeReal keeps with all your photos.

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Additional photos

On the other hand, it didn’t matter too much if you didn’t take a picture within those two minutes, so it’s undoubtedly a welcome addition for many. An addition that BeReal could put to good use, because of the 73.5 million users it once had, only a fraction of those assets are from program Take advantage of.

The BeReal feature means you can share two more BeReals per day. Why there is no additional one, it is not clear. Anyway, it’s not about people who post on time for several days: if you post on time in one day, you’re good and you’ll receive Bonus BeReals that day. If you don’t, you have to wait until the next day before you get more BeReals (provided you’re on time, of course). And one more problem: If you remove your BeReal, you also lose your BeReal reward.

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be realistic. Your friends are real.

Every day, the BeReal app sends you and your friends a notification that you have exactly 2 minutes to take a photo. so no time..

Are you a VIP? What do you think of this new path the app is taking and would you use it? Leave it now in the comments.