September 30, 2022

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Bert de Bakker in Vive le Vélo: "Jumbo-Visma mocked the entire Peloton" |  Vive Le Velo

Bert de Bakker in Vive le Vélo: “Jumbo-Visma mocked the entire Peloton” | Vive Le Velo

Bormann singer Geert Verdyk couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Van Aert flapping solo to win in Calais. “How does that person do, isn’t that incredible?”

Analyst Bert de Bakker is also in awe. “I kept quiet about this performance. It started with Nathan van Hoydonk. When they started the relegation, they were fighting 3 to 4 teams next to each other to be the first to turn.”

“It was a very important corner, because if you’re 30 you lose 30 seconds in the first, so to speak. I also think Tiesj drove his best minutes of the year, I think.”

“These guys then have the luxury of letting them serve, but Wout still has to start the 10km. I don’t think Wout will be riding much faster this year than that climb.”

Jonas Weinggaard was unable to carry his carriage at Cap Blanc-Nez with his teammate Van Aert. Primus Roglic certainly wasn’t, the Slovenian was far from climbing. bad sign? “I think it was more specific,” says Benji Naesen, co-founder of Lanterne Rouge Cycling Podcast.

“Roglic seems suitable for such a climb, but in Milan-Sanremo, he also struggled with the positioning in Sipressa and Poggio. As a result, he lost something extra for Poggio to be able to do something.”

“Maybe that was the case here as well and he had to put in a lot of effort from a bad position to get to the front and he couldn’t anymore. Or he made a tactical decision.”

The nuances of de Packer. “Not many rooms either. Van Hooydonk was first, then Pinot at the wheel, then Van Aert and then Vinggaard. Then you already have four. You can’t push with everyone on the team in the first five.”

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Mama Yvonne thought Van Aert’s Calais victory was the best of his career. According to Benji Naesen, the best is yet to come. “He has already won many great victories: Ventoux, the Champs Elysees, now this stage. But
The most beautiful thing to come is Paris-Roubaix.

“He did it with the team,” adds de Bakker. “That also plays a role in the experience. He crossed the finish line on his own, but very frankly they made fun of the whole peloton with the team. I think that feels good.”