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Best Apps of the Week 51-2021 in App Missed

Best Apps of the Week 51-2021 in App Missed

In the weekly “Missing Apps” section, you can read about last week’s apps worth checking out. We always discuss about five applications of IphoneAnd IPAD in a Mac. These may be apps that you may not have known, useful or just fun to try. These could also be older adults who have received a major update and are therefore receiving some extra attention.

Discussed earlier this week on iCulture:

iCulture App of the Week: NowPlaying

This week we chose another Dutch app as the App of the Week. With NowPlaying, you can create a screen for all your speakers, radios, and record players. The app uses Shazam technology to show you which song is playing. This is going really fast and the result looks good, especially in IPAD. you need you Iphone Or an iPad just to make it work. Is there a new song playing? Then NowPlaying will update automatically.

In addition to basic information about the song you’re listening to, NowPlaying also provides additional information about a lot of the music. This way you find out who the band members are, what they play and what they are also made of. You will also find an abbreviation for Apple Cards Even to view the recording studio website. If known, there is also a storyline with the song about the album. Want to know more about this app and our experiences with it? Read it on our website Fan review now.

cleavage master

Did you recently get a new 14″ or 16″ MacBook Pro Purchased and are you in for a festive touch? Then Notchmeister is for you. The app above all is fun proof of concept. This application attaches festive decorations to the slit. Perfect for Christmas! Moreover, the app can also show a nice glowing effect from the “back”. There are a number of cool effects that Notchmeister can control. And for those who don’t (yet) have the beautiful new MacBook Pro with the notch, the app can also simulate a notch!


In BlokTen, a Dutch app, you have to line up blocks of the same color on a 10 x 10 playing field. The better your combinations are, the more points you can collect. This allows you to unlock everything in the game. The creator puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that this game should not be bothered by ads. So you never see full screen ads and you don’t have to watch videos to score extra points. Instead, there is a maximum of one small ad at the bottom. You can buy it for 1.99 euros. Furthermore, the game has no in-app purchases and is therefore free to play!


We got this app as a tip from one of our readers and we think it’s interesting! With Rassel you can turn your iPhone into a shaker (musical instrument). You can choose between an egg, a shaker, a tambourine, and a whisk. You can set them all to 3 levels of intensity. By shaking your iPhone, you are turning on the tools. Russell has advanced technology that makes it look more realistic. The app is completely free to use.


While now might not be the best time to go skiing, this app for ski and snowboard lovers is a must for their next vacation. Slopes is an advanced GPS incline tracker that provides useful information before you get on the lift. This week the app got some great new features. For example, you can now see each other’s location live when you are with a group. Others can only see where you are if they currently work in the same area and you added them. Moreover, there are brand new maps with improved designs. You will find ski resorts with detailed information on all proportions. Do you like this? Check out what else Slopes can do on the App Store.

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