March 22, 2023

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Betty from 'Big Brother' shows off her curves in a bathing suit: 'You still look good!'  (video)

Betty from ‘Big Brother’ shows off her curves in a bathing suit: ‘You still look good!’ (video)

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Do you remember the first version of “Big Brother” in 2000? Then you probably know very well who Betty Okzarek is. The cheerful blonde is now 46 years old and weighs more than 100 kilograms. She proudly announced this in a message – deleted at the same time – on social media. “The last 100 kilos. In fact I’m sick and tired of having to hide and have to apologize or respond to her. Yes, I know I gained weight because I also have a mirror and even a scale. And yes, I used to be thinner and changed a lot after 22 years of “Big Brother”, Mrs. and Mrs. A whole life on top of lettuce and two croutons doesn’t interest me anymore. I only want to be serious when necessary and mock when I find it necessary and with fat lobes, so be it. I am who I am. And now celebrate! “

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Few days ago, she shared a video on TikTok in which she performs a funny dance in a swimsuit. “A few kilograms is more fun. Good on my skin. Diet always for tomorrow,” she winks. Followers admire her courage and shower her with compliments. “I’m still handsome,” “You shine! Don’t sleep because of negative feedback,” “Very right! Show that you feel good,” “I am glad you want / dare to publish Something like that. We are much more than we think … “,” I ran my home, you still look good by the way! “,” No complexes, pretty! “,” Where are those 100 kilos? It’s still not so bad “, We read in the comments, among other things.

Lord save her

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