November 27, 2022

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Beware of the dangers of burglary with smart devices

Beware of the dangers of burglary with smart devices

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Smart devices such as doorbells and locks can pose a burglary risk. The Federal Public Service Internal Affairs will warn of this in a campaign next week.

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“Many home appliances today are connected to the internet. Apps like these offer many advantages and make our lives easier. They include smart doorbells, solar panel systems, heating systems and washing machines. But in addition to the benefits, there are Also risks. For example, thieves can use unsecured networks to gain access to a home,” Verlinden warns.

The Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) research group at KU Leuven analyzed sixteen smart devices last year. In all, the researchers identified 54 security vulnerabilities.

That is why the General Directorate of Security and Prevention of the FPS Internal Affairs has developed a campaign with preventive advice, which will run from October 17 to 23. This includes securing your Wi-Fi connection and performing regular updates. But the service also advises not to buy cheap and often unsecured “white products”. “Find online reviews of all the devices you’re considering buying, and get advice from a tech expert,” the text reads.

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