June 10, 2023

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Biden misses the mark again: The ‘big press conference’ turned out to be an ordinary interview | outside

Important news for White House reporters: President Joe Biden announced at the start of the meeting that he would be holding a “significant press conference” later in the day. Since Biden rarely holds press conferences, his statement quickly permeated the news. Unfortunately, it turned out to be “fake news,” a misstep of the president’s speech.

“I’m giving a big press conference this afternoon. As much as I love you all, I’m going to ask you to leave so we can work.” They were present at the start of an economic meeting with senior members of his cabinet.

The sudden announcement came as a bolt from the blue, also because the White House would announce such an event days in advance.

Soon the backsliding came into celebration: An aide to the 80-year-old Democratic president announced that Biden actually meant he wouldn’t be holding a press conference later in the day, but rather an interview. To MSNBC in particular. It airs on Friday evenings (local time).

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This is not the first time Biden has made a mistake or made a huge mistake. For example, during a conference, he asked where Jackie Valorsky (58 years old) is. However, the Congressman met his death in a car accident two months ago. In addition, at his conference he called the Ukrainians “the Iranian people” and confused Kherson with Fallujah (the city where the bloodiest battles of the Iraq war took place; ed.’s note) during a press conference.

Less than a month ago, Biden wanted to stress the importance of the relationship between Ireland and the United States. “Let’s lick the world together,” he said at the end of his Dublin speech. No one seemed to know what he meant.

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