December 2, 2022

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Big Button Keyboard

Big Button Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard fans now have more options with the arrival of Logitech MX Mechanical. These keyboards feature a clear keystroke and sound, so you can be sure you pressed the key correctly. It is especially popular among gamers and Windows users, but I can imagine there are also people among Mac users who want something different. We tested this new keyboard, along with the new MX Master 3S Mouse as well. It is available in two versions: compact with 84 keys at 159 euros and full-size with a number pad and 110 keys for 179 euros. In addition, there are three variants of the switches: tactile silent (tested), linear or percussion. Of course, in addition to the international QWERTY version for the Netherlands, you can also choose the French AZERTY for Belgium. It will be in stores from June 1. some stores We already havebut will also be delivered from June 1.

Text, review and photos: Gonny van der Zwaag (Tweet embed† We tested full-size QWERTY in the Quiet Touch variant. The keyboard was provided as a preview for this test.

Logitech MX Mechanical at a Glance

These are the main features of the keyboard:

  • Logitech mechanical keyboard
  • Available in 2 sizes, 3 different types, and multiple designs
  • Dimensions at full size: 433.9 x 131.7 mm
  • Full Size Weight: 828g
  • Available from 1 June 2022
  • Available from €159 in regular stores

Mechanical keyboards: something from this time?

I may not be a player, but I once learned to type on a mechanical typewriter, with keys that you had to press deeply and letters were placed on tape. I don’t have much nostalgia. Especially among Mac and laptop users, keyboards with shorter press (travel) are the norm and I prefer to use Apple’s own magic keyboard Or another flat keyboard, such as Logitech flat models. If you are typing fast and often, you want to move your fingers as flat as possible and you don’t want to press every single inch key. So I was curious if I wanted this new keyboard from Logitech.

The design and look of a mechanical MX

Logitech MX Mechanical is primarily aimed at software developers who love to play (or used to play) a lot of games in their spare time. This target group loves to use a mechanical keyboard, but gaming keyboards that are loud in rainbow colors and hues don’t fit that well. If you use a keyboard like this in the office, you prefer a minimalist design. In this regard, the MX Mechanical is very successful: on a serious desk the keyboard looks good, without giving the impression that you brought home the antique “ram beam”.

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This keyboard looks modern and familiar because it is inspired by MX . keys and the MX Keys Mini, which we reviewed earlier. What is missing are the “scratches” of your fingers. It’s flat enough to fit in a bag: the large model measures 433.9 x 131.7mm and weighs 828 grams.

Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard

What is noticeable about this keyboard is that the buttons appear to be floating. They also have a lower profile compared to traditional mechanical keyboards. This means that you don’t have to raise your hands as much, but it also means that your favorite wrist rest can’t be used. You can optionally buy a flat wrist rest that fits well. The switches are made in two shades of gray: discreet, but this gives it a professional look. You can tilt the keyboard slightly with two feet at the bottom.

MX mechanical keyboard

The fact that the keys are floating raised the question if there was a lot of dust under them. Logitech noted that this is not so bad, because there is a metal plate on the entire width. If you remove one of the buttons, you can already see that dust cannot reach the bottom of the keyboard and that each button has a plastic cover, with the switches brown, blue or red (depending on the option chosen).). Keys cannot be replaced: if you choose the “silent” brown option, you’ll be stuck with it for life.

With this keyboard you get a new generation Bolt receiver (USB-A), which is not compatible with previous Bolt receivers. According to the manufacturer, this relates to the fact that the latest technologies have been applied. I didn’t use a Bolt receiver and just paired the keyboard via bluetooth. Whatever method of communication you use, you always have 3 profiles at your disposal. In other words: You can connect up to three devices to the keyboard and switch them with the press of a button. This is something Logitech has mastered very well and it also worked in our testing.

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Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard features a white backlight – thankfully not the rainbow colors you sometimes see with gaming keyboards, although you can choose some cool lighting effects like wave or breathing effect. If you get close to your hands, the lighting will turn on automatically. In a brightly lit room, the backlight will remain off. In this way, the keyboard can save energy. You must charge every 15 days via a USB-C connection (cable included). Without backlight, the keyboard lasts at least 10 months.

Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech MX Mechanical in use

Is it a keyboard that you can use in the office without noise pollution? Not as far as we are concerned. This keyboard is noticeably louder than Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Logitech MX Keys keyboard I’ve used thus far, even on the “touchy quiet” variant I tested. I stopped after a while and only use it when I’m on my own.

Below you will hear sequentially: 0:00 Logitech MX Mechanical – 0:15 An apple Magic Keyboard – 0:24 Logitech MX keys for Mac – 0:32 Logitech MX Mechanical again. Can’t play the audio file? Then click here

The sound is noticeably louder. You can have MX Keys Mechanical with three different keys: touch, linear or tap. For the Experts, all three are provided by the Kailh (Choc V2) and all are 3.2mm deep and require about 55g of force to press. I can only test one variable, but I’m reading With other reviewers That the brown “silent” variant is not noticeably quieter than the blue one. With the blue the click is a little louder, so if you want to annoy your colleagues less, the brown version is less annoying – although you can still hear the constant clicking of the keys. If you’re in an environment where everyone works with headphones, that might be fine, but other than that you’ll get the audio experience in the writing room.

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Because both keyboards macOS If it’s a Windows fit, you’ll notice that the keys in the lower left have a double fingerprint, with, say, a start button for Windows users. In daily use this does not bother.

MX mechanical keyboard

With software, you can get more out of this keyboard and that’s usually fine with Logitech. With Logi Flow, you can easily switch between devices (this is also possible with a physical button). You can also pair an MX Master Mouse with it, so you can move all your peripherals to another device at once. useful! Logi Flow only works if you have Logi Options + installed. For example, this software and the Logi Options app allow you to reprogram keys. This worked very easily: you could click on the image and then choose one of dozens of options. You can also associate a shortcut with a key, open a specific folder, or take a screenshot. The possibilities are endless, but not everything is possible.

Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech MX Mechanical Review Conclusion

The MX mechanical keyboard is fun to use, if you like a little deeper keystrokes. The software makes these keyboards more versatile and you can easily switch between multiple devices like yours Mac or IPAD† Without the software, cheaper mechanical keyboards are available, but at Logitech you also pay in part for ease of use and many options. You can modify a lot of things, the writing looks nice knowing you are buying a product that you will never regret. Only those annoying noises… guarantee that I’m back to normal MX . keys

Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard

Buy Logitech MX Mechanical

Starting June 1, you can drop your Logitech MX Mechical into your cart or pick it up at the store. You pay the suggested retail price of €159 for the compact model or €179 for the extra wide model with number plate. We’ve already seen that in this storeBut here too it will be delivered later. This also applies to delivery to popular stores such as cool blue