November 27, 2022

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Big Village World Cup Canceled: 'We Barely Selling Tickets, It's Not Live' (Micklin)

Big Village World Cup Canceled: ‘We Barely Selling Tickets, It’s Not Live’ (Micklin)

Supporters in the fans garden during a previous tournament for the Red Devils. © Hyundai Fan Park Mechelen Griet Beyaert

The organizers of the World Cup Village in Neckerhall in Mechelen are pulling the plug: There will be no World Cup Village and there will be no big screen. “She’s not alive, we’ve barely sold tickets,” says Christoph Schippers.

Tom Le Buck

The plans were big: Nekkerhal in Mechelen would become the backdrop to the giant fan park at the upcoming World Cup. Fans can follow the matches on the largest screen in Flanders. Do, because the event has been cancelled.

“We’re pulling the plug,” says organizer Kristof Schippers of the Rawberry Group. “The World Cup is not alive. The chance of us paying for it and attracting enough people seems to be dwindling every day. We had room for 5,000 people. We needed at least 1,500 or 2,000 to keep it profitable. If you notice you didn’t sell 200 A ticket shortly before the World Cup, that’s clear.”

© Stijn Van de Sande

Those who wanted to continue the match paid 5 to 9.5 euros for it. These tickets will be refunded. “We are now dealing with all practical matters,” Schippers says. “Obviously, this means a serious financial waste. We will have to pay a huge cancellation fee to Nekkerhal. However, I think this financial loss will be even less than if we let it go forward.”

The cancellation of the event in Mechelen is another sign that World Cup fever does not want to be stirred up at the moment. The World Cup fan park at Kempische Weelde has also been canceled because almost no tickets have been sold.

Whatever could be against the World Cup, is also against,” Schippers says. “The date is not right, so in the fall. It gets darker and cooler, which is very different from other World Cup tournaments in the summer. Also the sponsors are not at all eager to participate because of the image of Qatar. This made it very difficult. Now it turns out that Very difficult.”

The organizers want to organize the World Cup Village again in 2024, for the European Championship in Germany. “It’s summer again. Then there will be more supporters, more sunshine and more positive vibes,” says Schippers.

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