January 28, 2023

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Binance accepteert weer SEPA stortingen, maar nog niet in Nederland

Binance accepts SEPA deposits again, but not yet in the Netherlands » Crypto Insiders

Binance, the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange The world by volume, it abruptly stopped accepting transactions through the Single European Payments Area, better known as SEPA, last summer.

SEPA is a European bank payment network for Europeans (and some countries outside the EU) to send Euros easily. SEPA was a popular method among European Binance users, and thus the decision to stop payments with SEPA was accompanied by a lot of annoyance.

Binance has never given an official explanation as to why the exchange was closed. However, the Bitcoin (BTC) in a Ether (ETH) At that time, the exchange was under heavy criticism from regulators from different countries, and this was most likely the reason for the decision.

SEPA terug op Binance

It’s been more than six months, but SEPA is finally back on Binance. The popular cryptocurrency exchange announced this on January 26 with a press release:

Binance previously worked with Clear Junction for SEPA payments and has now switched to Paysafe, an online payment service. This means that it is now possible once again for Binance users to make deposits and withdrawals in Euros from Europe via SEPA. At least in some European countries.

Binance starts with beta program or test program. However, it was not clear in the press release which countries will be next, but according to the version of its publication Bloomberg It concerns Belgium and Bulgaria.

Bloomberg also reported that the program will be expanded in the coming weeks, but it is not known when the Netherlands’ turn will come. The UK will not be next, according to an anonymous source, as the country will have left the European Union in 2020.

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Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, has repeatedly emphasized in the past six months that his company is now working closely with all relevant regulators. It is reported that now Binance also has plans to set up a headquarters after all.