December 2, 2022

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Bingo for Dries de Bundt!  He puts 3 of his buddies on the journey in a gyro race |  Giro d'Italia 2022

Bingo for Dries de Bundt! He puts 3 of his buddies on the journey in a gyro race | Giro d’Italia 2022

He predicted this before the start of the trip. Dries de Bundt He said he wanted to avoid the expected enemy and so it happened. The Belgian from Alpecin-Fenix ​​scored the biggest win of his career.

The sprinting teams didn’t want to miss this last chance in a sprint. From the start, the Démare and Cavendish team dominated the peloton. In the end, the four of them blessed them to leave.

With Avene, Kurt Nielsen, Gaborough and De Bond, the leading group consisted of strong speed riders. Peloton realized this and didn’t give the fugitives much leadership. The difference was a maximum of 2’45 inches.

The quartet seemed to have arranged well, because after the last climb 50 km from the finish, they were still able to accelerate. What seemed impossible at first, suddenly became realistic.

With a 1’20” lead, they made it to the local track 20 kilometers from the finish. Corners played for the runaways there. No matter how much the sprinter’s teams tried, they came close.

In the end, the fast race between the four leaders decided the victory stage. Avene started early, and de Bondt followed in his footsteps and was able to reassemble the Italian in time. Kurt Nielsen came in third, while Gaborough finished fourth.

In the peloton, Hindley eventually had to deal with a punctured tire, but since that happened in the last three kilometres, he wastes no time compared to the Carabaz.