January 26, 2023

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Birgit van Mol visits the holiday homes of famous Flemish people in a new web series: 'Marc Cook's Finger Scans Intervention' |  Instagram HLN

Birgit van Mol visits the holiday homes of famous Flemish people in a new web series: ‘Marc Cook’s Finger Scans Intervention’ | Instagram HLN

HLN Origin“A holiday home tells you something about your attitude to life,” says Birgit van Mole, 54. Which is why Jubilee VTM is looking inside the entertainment huts of famous fellows in a new web series.

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In “The Holiday Home”, which can be seen in the HLN app from tomorrow, Van Mol will visit the luxury villa of Luc Appermont and Bart Kaëll in Spain and the hotel in Bosnia where Ingeborg always offers her treatment courses. But the presenter opened him with the hut, like the hut, from Mark Cook in Derby. “The Mark keeps the device hidden well exactly in place, and well secured,” says Van Mol. “You enter with a fingerprint, for example, and that is understandable. His house contains works by the great artists Damien Hirst and Marcel Duchamp, pieces I have only seen in the museum before.”

Birgit van Mull creates new web series “Holiday House”. © Joel Hollerts / Photonews

According to Van Maul, a vacation home says something about who you are. “For example, furnishing a luxury villa to your taste is something very different from a home on wheels like Josje’s. The holiday home says something about your interests and the way you approach life. But perhaps the common thread running through every person I visited was the workspace.” Almost everyone made a place where they could retreat for it.”

Over the next eight weeks, Van Mol will visit BVs at their summer retreat. Does she have one of her own? “No, I’m not quite at home,” Van Mole shakes his head. “I’d also be wary of maintenance, I think, and Renee and I haven’t traveled in years.” Rene, 67, Van Mol’s husband, has been suffering from the worst form of the disease for seven years now Mixed connective tissue diseaseIt is an incurable autoimmune disease that targets vital organs such as the heart and lungs. “In recent years it has been difficult to travel, because something can always happen suddenly. But this summer we will go away again. We travel to friends who emigrated to Portugal. It is very good to take a rest again, especially because Otis ( 17 years old) and his girlfriend are also accompanying.”

Flat on the back seat

The presenter says that the belt can sometimes burst. Because she is busy. Even after twenty-five years of service at VTM. In honor of that anniversary, Van Mol was honored last week. She still remembers her first day working at Medialaan as if it was yesterday. “I came from VRT and on that day a press conference was organized during which no journalist knew in advance that it was being organized to announce my conversion. When I entered the hall, the hall was stunned. ‘No! It looks like it’s not, right?’ To me, Jack was attracted. Vermeer, among others, to VTM”.

Switching wasn’t an obvious option at the time, says van Mol. “I thought about it for weeks and months. But in the end I was very curious. Sometimes I wanted to know which proposal I would say ‘no’ to. During that conversation, VTM gave me a step-by-step plan for eight years, while I was still on temporary contracts. At VRT at the time. When it turned out that “Het Jeugdjournaal”, a new project I was supposed to present at VRT, I agreed. It caused quite a stir at the time. I remember how, in my first VTM interview, I was instructed Lying on the back seat when I arrive so no one can see me (laughs).”

finger on wound

A quarter of a century later, Van Mull still presents “Telefacts” and “Telefacts: Zomer” on the channel, but is also an ambassador for Rode Neuzen Dag and at parent company DPG Media providing presentation courses for emerging talent. “My hobby horse? Treat everyone one by one and make his character stand out even more. This is harder than it sounds, as a trainer, you often put your finger on wounds, and not everyone can handle that either.”

“Holiday home”, every Friday in the HLN app

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