July 18, 2024

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Bitcoin bull run 2021 may start soon, popular model predicts 8,000 – BTC Direct

Bitcoin bull run 2021 may start soon, popular model predicts $288,000 – BTC Direct

There are many well-known and popular models for you to be able to talk about the price of bitcoin. But the most common form has to be the stock-to-flow model of Dutch Plan B. This pattern is still showing positive signs and a possible second attempt for the current bullish market.

The bull run is not over yet

According to PlanB, the brainchild behind the much-discussed Bitcoin stock flow model, the bull market is far from over. In a tweet today, the analyst shared a pattern update showing that the target white line and price signals on the chain indicate that we are only in the middle of this cycle.

The fourth cycle target price is well above $100,000 ($85,000), and this can be reached anytime in the next three years if Bitcoin price This model is respected. When asked how he came to such a conclusion, he replied:

Rarity determines the price

He. She Stock to Flow (S2F) Model The analyst was first shared in March 2019. This model examines the relationship between supply production and the current available supply, essentially calculating the value of bitcoin by scarcity. The model has been very accurate so far during the life of Bitcoin, and the creator still claims that prices need to go much further during this cycle:

“IMO we go up, first to 100k, then to 288k”

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Earlier this month, the Dutchman said the model was running “like clockwork” when bitcoin closed July above $41,000.

Big Reset

Could Bitcoin be worth $228K? If it’s up to PlanB, yes, because of his “normal” job, he’d rather keep his identity to himself. He occasionally appears on podcasts, but never shows his face. Speaking of which, PlanB was a guest on episode 385 of the podcast with Willem Middelkoop What did bitcoin do?. Host Peter McCormack discusses with his guests the PlanB Model, Gold, and The Big Reset. Recommended!