December 8, 2022

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Bitcoin koers zakt dieper weg, angst blijft toenemen

Bitcoin Price Drops Deeper, Fear Continues to Rise »Crypto Insiders

Bitcoin (BTC) Now lower than last week’s price. Last Sunday, bitcoin fluctuated between $38,500 and $39,500 after the price recovered from a significant drop that coincided with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Bitcoin drops deeper

The Bitcoin price It started the week with a drop to $37,500, but then jumped significantly on Monday. Bitcoin first launched to $43,500 and even peaked at nearly $45,000 the next day. However, just as it was a few weeks ago, the resistance here turned out to be quite great.

Last Thursday, the price started falling again and on Friday, bitcoin fell even faster. Friday night can bitcoin the support around $39,000 and began to move cautiously towards late afternoon yesterday. The price continued to hover around $39,500 for the rest of the evening and night, but Bitcoin did not rise above $39,700.

Around 4:30 last night, Bitcoin dropped dramatically to $39,000, but then too bounce, bounce Back to $39,500. However, after a few hours, Bitcoin lost steam again and then started to drop sharply. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is at $38,350 in Binance and 35,000 euros in Petavavo† As a result, the price is down 2.9% this morning and Bitcoin is in minus 1.8% compared to last week. Bitcoin looks red this week candle close.

Market fear continues to rise

So Bitcoin is stuck in the current range at the moment. The rally at the start of this week brought some confidence back, but now the fear in the markets is very high again. A large number of investors withdraw their money from all types of (risky) assets, with the exception of raw materials and precious metals.

Despite this, Bitcoin appears to be recovering again as there is still a lot of confidence among the long-term holders of the currency. They provide a lot of support, which makes analysts believe that we will continue to see a rally, as long as Bitcoin does not fall too much first.

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However, the following message this morning is fueling more fear and uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market. Anton Neel and Andre Crone, known as some of the greats decentralized finance (DeFi) Enterprise, suddenly stopped. More on that later on Crypto Insiders.

However, there is also rising Look for bitcoin signals. For example, the Canadian Purpose Bitcoin ETF continues to grow according to data from Glassnode. Santiment also reports that whales are stacking rope (USDT) again.