December 3, 2023

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Bitcoin dit jaar naar $100k, voorspelt president van El Salvador

Bitcoin Reaches $100,000 This Year, El Salvador President Predicts “Crypto Insiders”

From Bitcoin (BTC) Price predictions fly around you at the beginning of every new year. This time, El Salvador’s President Neb Bokhel shared his hopes for the new year. However, he did not stop at the simple prediction of prices.

Bitcoin to 100 thousand dollars and more

in a tweet Today Bukele shared six predictions for 2022. The first prediction is that Bitcoin price It will hit the $100,000 magic mark. Bitcoin came close to 2021, when it peaked at just under $70,000. However, from the current price level, $100,000 is still a long way off.

His second prediction is that two more countries will adopt bitcoin. El Salvador is of course known as the first country in the world to adopt cryptocurrency as legal tender. El Salvador faced some technical problems in 2021. For example, bitcoins will disappear from the wallet.

Bitcoin City starts building

In 2022, El Salvador will also start construction Bitcoin City. This is a city all about cryptocurrency with residential areas, shopping malls, a port and everything a city needs. The city is built with money raised through bitcoin bonds. That would be about $1 billion.

Bukele also expects Bitcoin to be a big topic in the upcoming US elections. This would certainly be the case if Bitcoin succeeded in El Salvador (and thus possibly more countries). In this case, the role of the US dollar may be at risk.

Other coding predictions

That said, predictions fly around your ears in Crypto News. This is how Arcane Research came about Recently with some expectations. One of them is that Ripple (XRP) in a Cardano (ADA) It will drop out of the top ten this year.

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Of course, caution is advised with such price predictions. Always do your research and don’t take predictions for granted.