May 29, 2023

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Black Friday is the day to take action against tech giant Amazon |  Abroad

Black Friday is the day to take action against tech giant Amazon | Abroad

Online shopping and technology giant Amazon will face strikes and protests by thousands of employees in about forty countries during the Black Friday deal festival. In countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and South Africa, employees are demanding higher wages or better working conditions.

On Friday, an international coalition of trade unions is running a campaign called Make Amazon Pay. In many countries, employees regularly express dissatisfaction with wages and the high workload in distribution centers. In addition, in some countries, the company prohibits workers from joining unions. Other environmental and civil society organizations also joined the day of protest.

Black Friday, the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday, is known as the time when retailers do a lot of stunts with discounted products. This is why Discount Ball, which has also gained in importance outside of the United States in recent years, is one of the most important days of the year for Amazon. But in France and Germany, unions are staging strikes at eighteen major distribution centers to thwart deliveries of products ordered online.

A protest is planned in Brussels against the “abuse of tax rules, the planet and employees being concerned,” says the campaign’s website. A solidarity campaign is taking place in Amsterdam for Amazon promotions.

In the UK, employees protest at distribution centers. “Amazon workers in Coventry are overworked, underpaid and have enough now,” said a union campaign manager. Employees who leave risk losing half of their £500 (€582) bonus. This could be a prohibited leverage to prevent strikes, the UK trade union says.

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In the heart of New York, a demonstration is planned in front of the apartment of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on Fifth Avenue. In Bangladesh, employees of textile mills that supply Amazon are staging protest marches through the capital, Dhaka, and Chittagong.

Amazon said in its response that it is “not perfect,” but that it works hard on good working conditions and an environmental policy. The spokesperson points to the goal of no longer emitting any CO2 in balance before 2040. Amazon also offers “competitive salaries and other great benefits,” he says, and finds new ways to keep employees healthy and safe.

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