March 23, 2023

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Black Widow's Florence Pugh is surprisingly honest about all the nudity and her movies

Black Widow’s Florence Pugh is surprisingly honest about all the nudity and her movies

“I feel like I’m now in the part of my career where I know what I can get, I can give and I can’t accept it anymore,” says Florence Pugh. Since the 26-year-old British actress appeared with the movie drop In 2015, as she struggled with her teenage sexuality, fans know that she’s taking on seemingly honest roles.

Florence Pogo He built a film career around women who refuse to be silent. Her debut came with excitement Sumar and the movie little Women. Looking at her characters, she said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar:

“I think all my films are about forcing women in a certain direction, but then they stand up for themselves.”

Voss pink dress
In July, there was a lot of buzz about her pink dress at the Valentino Show. She was very transparent and her breasts were clearly visible. tell about this:

“After trying the pink dress with all the tulle, we decided to make the top more transparent, because the dress needed it. I’m comfortable with my small breasts and don’t mind showing off something. It surprised me that people have made a mean comment on the fact that I feel so good about myself. Obviously. That self-confidence is not allowed.”

The comment doesn’t do much for her. She honestly posts what she thinks about it on social media and then it’s done. Co-actress Scarlett Johansson really appreciated Florence’s trust and honesty when filming Black Widow.

new job
Florence’s low voice is caused by a condition that makes her more sensitive to respiratory infections and she has to be careful with the COVID virus. So she was in quarantine for a long time and is happy that she was able to return to work with films like Don’t worry my dear And the sequel Sand dunes.

“Part of the reason we all do this work is that we appreciate the hustle and bustle. We enjoy meeting people and seeing other places.”

The full interview at Harper’s Bazaar is over here. Florence’s Instagram post below.

Do you want to know how direct Florence Bio can be? She also posts on Instagram about a new episode with Bear Grylls. The video is below and it nicely shows her way of doing things.

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