July 22, 2024

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“Blind Married” and “Dziobi” respond to the criticisms of the former participant Christoph: “Everyone agrees”

“Blind Married” and “Dziobi” respond to the criticisms of the former participant Christoph: “Everyone agrees”


The makers of the TV show Blind Married have responded to former co-host Christophe Ramont’s comments. He denounced the way Dziobi and Brecht were portrayed. “We have always taken Brecht and Dziobi into consideration and have never created a ‘male and female’ image, it seems.

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“Very painful which I always resist: the toxic image that says that even if two men marry, there must be a male and a female,” former co-owner Christophe Ramont recently said on Twitter of the gay couple. “It seems that Dziubi is the female (in the first episode he was with the brides). True, for the wedding itself, Dziubi (the male role) was waiting, and Brecht was the one entering. But still, I can’t really get rid of the impression that this can do better, in a society full of discussions about gender…”

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“It was important to us that everyone felt comfortable. We never created an image of ‘male and female’. Brecht and Dziobi had never experienced it this way before,” says a producer at latest news. The division of the two groups has been proposed in advance. Everyone agreed. There were no more questions about that.”


Dziubi has already said that he himself does not criticize the way he is treated through the production of the show, the way he and Brecht are portrayed. “The production had previously stated: Look, if there was a gay couple, we would randomly assign them to girls and boys. I never ignored that. At the party, for example, I was in front again, which is actually traditionally the male role.”

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The fact that he was carried over the threshold also does not bother Dziobi. “It was so spontaneous, Brecht thought it was an icon. It’s not like we’re just standing there and thinking: He’s doing this now, and he’s been with the guys in the beginning too, and he’s given the speech…so I’m not offended by that. I understand he can To appear that way to the viewer, but this is very natural and without premeditation. ”

The producer agrees, saying: “Before the ceremony, Dziobi indicated that he preferred to wait at the altar.” “We asked them who wanted to say something. In the end, it was Brecht who wanted to do it. It is not our intention to portray anyone in a particular way.”