January 29, 2023

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“$100.000 per bitcoin is onvermijdelijk”, aldus Bloomberg analist

Bloomberg Analyst Says $100,000 Per Bitcoin Is Inevitable

The macroeconomic mood appears to have calmed somewhat over the past few weeks. New inflation figures in the US It went well yesterdayEnergy prices have stabilized again. According to Bloomberg Leading Analyst Mike McGlone, there’s a good chance that Bitcoin (BTC) Sooner or later it will start all over again on the giant gathering.

Bitcoin $100,000

According to McGlone, the current downward trend in oil prices will continue for a while. He expects the price of oil to fall until the price of a barrel reaches only $50. That may take some time, but McGlone says it will start a period of “global deflationary trends”.

The impact of this will be noticeable on assets such as gold and bitcoin. According to McGlone, they will be able to rise sharply as a result of the trends he expects. It is reported that gold will reach a price of at least $2,000 an ounce and the price of Bitcoin could rise above $100,000. He even calls for breaking this achievement because the price of bitcoin is inevitable.

“A Matter of Time? $2000 Gold, $100,000 Bitcoin, $50 Crude Oil… Rising energy is proving to be its worst enemy, with macroeconomic implications that could boost gold and help Bitcoin transition to a high beta version of metallic and government bonds.”

Optimistic Bitcoin Price Predictions

that it Not the first time McGlone expects Bitcoin to cross the $100,000 mark. He’s actually been calling this for over a year. However, in March this year he expected a sharp correction before Bitcoin price You will embark on a monster rally. Of course we now know that this patch has already come.

“But bitcoin is the gold in this space. And it’s still speculative. I really think it has to get rid of a little bit and then come back again like the whole market.”