February 6, 2023

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BMW i7 leaked: a striking nose in the photo

BMW i7 leaked: a striking nose in the photo

BMW is about to pull the curtain on the all-electric i7. Earlier this week, the Bavarian brand announced that the unveiling would take place on April 20. Unfortunately for BMW, the i7 has already appeared on the Internet. Thanks to Wilko Block, who posts such scoops regularly His Instagram account Conjure, we get it The striking nose of the i7 to see. Blok was notified about the photo, which was placed online very early on on the official BMW dealer website.

Although it was fairly obvious what to expect, the i7 undoubtedly hits some people like a bombshell. BMW is going on a particularly striking front. We are now familiar with the very large kidney grille, and the split-lighting is somewhat newer for the brand. presented Wednesday Face lift X7 The scoop was on this new face.

That this is really an i7 and not just the new 7 series, that’s evident from the second image Blok shared. This nose can be seen next to text regarding the i7. However, do not count on the main differences with the seventh series. In the introduction to the i7, it’s not really obvious that we’re dealing with an electric car.

Trailer for the BMW i7

Now we have to wait for more pictures, but that won’t come no later than April 20th. Then we also hear what the BMW i7 can offer in terms of specs. Carefully count on a maximum driving range of about 700 km and fast charging against a charging power of 200 kW. On the dealer’s website where this photo comes from, one talks about the i7 xDrive 60, with an estimated driving range of about 500 km.

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