October 3, 2022

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Boer Want Woman's William & Amber Confirms Doubts: 'We're Exclusively Dating Again'

Boer Want Woman’s William & Amber Confirms Doubts: ‘We’re Exclusively Dating Again’

From the farmer William (26) Umm Al-Amber (22) from A farmer looking for a woman Following on Instagram, he suspected for some time that the two were more than just friends. They spend a lot of time together, traveled together and even dated each other at a wedding. in Hello all Both confirm suspicions: “Yes, we are exclusively dating again. But we take it simply.”

Amber and William presented a surprise in the last episode of . At the end of May A farmer looking for a woman. It seemed fine to the two of them, but they didn’t become a couple though. Amber was in love, and William didn’t feel it anyway. But they will remain friends.

That was evident on Instagram. The two have been featured frequently on each other’s pages in recent months. So much so that followers have long since stopped believing their bond is purely friendly. It now turns out to be true. writes the spark Hello all. According to William, they are “exclusively dating again,” but they take it easy. They do a lot together, Amber adds: “I’m always with him.”

On Tuesday, Mechelen shared some photos of a trip with William to France’s Fréjus.

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