January 31, 2023

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Boris Johnson must then get to the plan B: C tougher...

Boris Johnson must then get to the plan B: C tougher…

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced stricter measures regarding Corona in England. For example, people have to work from home again in an effort to slow the spread of the omikron variant. The obligation to mouth masks will also be expanded and it is now mandatory for the Corona pass to visit nightclubs and locations with multiple people.

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Johnson emphasized that omikron progresses faster than other variants. He had vowed to get through the winter without resorting to a fourth coronavirus lockdown, but he kept his so-called Plan B in reserve. Some measures from Plan B have already been introduced, such as making mouth masks mandatory again in public transport and stores.

The omikron variant has been diagnosed in more than 1,500 people from 57 countries. So far, Johnson said, there have been 586 infections in the UK. Most cases have been diagnosed in England. The true number of infections worldwide may be much higher.

Denmark is also taking stricter measures

The Danish Prime Minister also announced a series of measures to contain the new wave of Corona in the country. Among other things, the Christmas holiday in education has been extended, the nightlife is limited, and remote work is highly recommended.

“We know how important going to school is for the well-being of children and young people. That is why we are adding a few extra days to the Christmas holidays, but the plan is not a long shutdown,” Mette Frederiksen said at a press conference. Concretely, the children will be sent home on December 15 and not expected to return until January 5.

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Dance clubs and similar entertainment venues must close early Friday. Concerts of more than 50 guests indoors will be banned from then on. The Danish government is also encouraging people to work from home and canceling Christmas parties. Frederiksen emphasized that even if restrictions were imposed, it would not be a lockdown. She still thinks it’s possible to keep large parts of the community open.

In Denmark, the last restrictive measures were lifted in September, followed by a strong increase in the number of infections in the fall. Recently, the number of new infections rose to a record high of more than 6,000 cases per day. In addition, so far, 577 cases of the omicron variant of coronavirus have been recorded in the country of five million people.