December 8, 2022

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Boris Johnson's party pays the price for 'Partygate'

Boris Johnson’s party pays the price for ‘Partygate’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have suffered painful losses in the UK’s municipal elections, according to first results. With half the votes counted, the ruling Conservative Party loses many seats.

According to the latest data, the Labor Party tops the list with 1,079 members. This is 27 more than in 2018. The Conservatives lost 100 seats, with 458 remaining. The Liberal Democrats would take an additional 46 seats and take a total of 203 seats, an increase of 46. The Greens are leading by 20 and now have 30. This is certainly a symbolic defeat for the prime minister.

For the first time in decades, Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party is losing control of the London Borough of Wandsworth. The opposition left-wing Labor Party also took control of Westminster, Barnet and Southampton, among others. In the rest of England, Labor is improving too, but less dramatically than he had hoped. Then the Liberal Democrats put Hull back in and catch up all over England.

In the December 2019 parliamentary elections, the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson scored another historic victory, promising a no-deal Brexit and an end to the political deadlock associated with it. But two years later, the prime minister and his party lost popularity due to a series of scandals.

party gate

Only a portion of the votes were counted last night. Things could change later Friday, but it looks like voters are punishing the British prime minister’s party after the Partygate scandal. Johnson was under pressure due to the illegal shutdown parties. After all, in December last year, it became known that, despite the established Corona measures, parties were held at the official residence of the Prime Minister. Johnson was fined and Conservative Party members were on the verge of a vote of no confidence against the Johnson administration.

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Britons give up their faith in Boris Johnson

However, Partigate is no longer the only thing on the minds of Britons. Sky-high inflation could also undermine Johnson’s position.

In Scotland and Wales, voters can also elect new county and municipal councils. Counting has not yet begun there, as it has in Northern Ireland, where a new regional parliament has been elected.