December 2, 2022

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Boris Van Severen once broke into the set of 'Code 37' |  showbiz

Boris Van Severen once broke into the set of ‘Code 37’ | showbiz

It was his wife, Frances Lefebure, who reported that Van Severen had already clashed with the authorities. Although it wasn’t too bad, says Boris. “I was about 18 years old. After a barbecue at my house, my girlfriend and I decided to go for a walk in Ghent,” Het Nieuwsblad said. When they came across an abandoned school building, they decided to take a look inside. Still with beer in hand, they climbed the fence and explored the abandoned school corridors and large lecture halls. Then suddenly we saw flashing lights approaching us. We wanted to hide, but because of the adrenaline, going behind the door was the best solution we could come up with.”

Not long after that, some armed officers arrested the duo. “First we put that beer away, then we were questioned individually,” Boris said. It turns out that the school was a collection of the police series ‘Code 37’. The police believed that the two wanted to steal the film’s expensive material. But during our interrogation, it was clear that we didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t lose a great criminal to me.” He slipped away with a night in custody.

‘Good Year’ can now be watched with Boris van Severen and his wife Frances Lefeborg Streamz

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