July 20, 2024

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Boss Vincent Kompany speaks to Chelsea: English club impressed with first call, Pochettino still front favourite |  soccer

Boss Vincent Kompany speaks to Chelsea: English club impressed with first call, Pochettino still front favourite | soccer

London asks. After Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea is now also building bridges with Vincent Kompany. His name is on the shortlist of three in the meantime, with no guarantee he will soon become the new coach. However, the best English club admires his leadership qualities. the interest It has now also been confirmed to our editors. Meanwhile, Julian Nagelsmann quits his job.

look. Pace Malik Burnley: “Or will Kompany stay? The decision is up to him.”

The process of selecting a new coach in the final straight line. Athletic directors Paul Winstanley and Lawrence Stewart did the preparatory work. Supporters Todd Bohle and Baghdad Eghbali hope to announce their new coach early next month.

Who wouldn’t: Luis Enrique nor Julian Nagelsmann. The former national coach of Spain did not feel a single click. Nagelsmann, who was sacked from Bayern last month, suspended himself on Friday afternoon. I did not feel good from the first conversations that took place in recent weeks.

So it remains: Mauricio Pochettino (ex-Tottenham, ex-Paris Saint-Germain), an unnamed but respected coach and Vincent Kompany. This was confirmed by the club. Buhli and his colleagues were impressed by Kompany’s work at Burnley. Not only its results, but also the way in which. That’s how his name ended up on the table. that it next guy.

Vincent Kompany. © Photo News

It is said that he is not the first choice. Search in the beginning Chelsea An experienced coach at the highest level, a contact person for a dressing room full of stars. However, an in-depth video call with Kompany (37) couldn’t hurt, it seems, inside the club. It may be seen as a declaration of intent for his own good, also in the long run. A tap on the shoulder: Look, we’re following you. They appreciate the leadership qualities of the former Anderlecht coach.

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A decision will not be made until after the final round of talks.

Chelsea have spoken at length with Pochettino (51) in recent weeks. For the third time in less than two years. The former regime showed an interest in the Argentine, around the time of Frank Lampard’s resignation in 2021. His new American owners, Bohle and Igbali, sat out Pochettino in September after tipping Thomas Tuchel to an exit. In the end, Graham Potter was a favourite. Also, the coach has been suspended since the beginning of this month. This time, Pochettino has already discussed the make-up of his squad and the players he wants to keep.

He seems to have an advantage over all the other candidates.

Mauricio Pochettino.
Mauricio Pochettino. ©AP

Until the end of the season, club legend Frank Lampard will be scooping up the honour, but Chelsea intend to complete that selection process more quickly. Boehly and his team mates invested €600m in new player material last season. His inconsistent policy of transition did not bring the desired results. A top team is heading into its worst season ever. And the conditions in which you have to step in as a coach are not ideal. See the separation of two trainers in eight months. Patience is not a virtue. reputation soon burned out.

Kompany was also discussed internally at that other London club looking for a coach, Tottenham Hotspur. With Simon Davies, his first assistant at Anderlecht at the time, he has a pro. Davies is Head of Youth Coaching Methodology at Tottenham. The man who draws lines for youth coaches.

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Kompany still has a four-year contract with Burnley. The second division club hopes that its coach will be promoted to the Premier League. Kompany keeps a low profile about his future: “I won’t say anything about that.”

Nor is the interest bad for him to force better guarantees at Burnley.

Kompany will star on Saturday afternoon.

look. Kompany celebrates promotion to the Premier League