February 5, 2023

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Bowling is very difficult in America now because of Strings on Skittles

In an effort to keep costs down, American bowling alleys adopt a technique where pins are suspended from strings. Opponents complain that this makes the game too difficult. America’s bowling alleys are a hot topic right now.

American bowling alleys now hang strings from pins. When the pins are tapped, they automatically snap back into place like toys. Until recently, this required a very complicated machine: the cones were dropped and swept away by a large metal arm, sorted and reinstalled by some complicated machines. A string system requires less maintenance.

Fewer strikes

But players aren’t set up with it, he writes The Washington Post. That would have made it harder to tap the cones. The USA Bowling Association conducted a study that showed 7 percent fewer strikes were thrown at string pins.

“It’s not fun,” says Chicago tournament bowler Dylan Ciraldo, 28. “They don’t make the same sound.” And, he admits, he gets less good results.

But owners of bowling alleys think otherwise. They experienced hard times during the corona crisis and could no longer find suitable repairers for old machines.

The rope technique isn’t entirely new: it’s been around since 1963. But since the cones often get tangled in the ropes, it has been replaced by an automation. The modern variant would have solved that problem.

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