October 1, 2022

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Boxing Day Ice Skating Fun in North Holland |  Weather News

Boxing Day Ice Skating Fun in North Holland | Weather News

Because of a cold night with temperatures around seven degrees below zero, the ice is 3 to 5 centimeters thick in places. This resulted in snow fun on reclaimed land, ditches and ice rinks.

At the Frisian Ryptsjerksterpolder, traditionally one of the first places to ski in the Netherlands, dozens of snowboarders were this morning. Jochem de Vries also ventured to sit on the ice, but saw that it was not safe everywhere. “It might sound familiar, but it’s not. We’ve just seen two go by and it’s not fun with these temperatures.”

You can also ski in Nieuw-Buinen, Drenthe. Volunteers worked until 3 a.m. to prepare the ice rink. And with success: At 9 a.m., the first skaters were at the door. Only season ticket holders are allowed to walk the track, but that doesn’t stop most of them: According to the local broadcaster RTV1 Thirty subscriptions were already sold out after two hours.

Nordlaren is getting ready for the Christmas scoop today. The first marathon on natural ice this winter will be held tonight in Groningen, KNSB reports. It is the first time in history that a marathon is run on natural ice during Christmas.

May the winter fun go on all day: the temperature is not expected to rise above freezing point, if at all. The wind temperature last night was -15 degrees in some parts of the country. KNMI has issued a yellow code for this purpose. The institute warns of slippery roads due to ice.