December 4, 2022

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Boy band Aaron Blumert paused for a moment: "We're not quite sure how to move forward with BOBBY" |  Music

Boy band Aaron Blumert paused for a moment: “We’re not quite sure how to move forward with BOBBY” | Music

MusicLast summer, Brecht, Ryan, Aaron, Robin, and Simon were together on the stage of “Ten om te ten,” but at the moment, the musical future of boy band BOBBY is somewhat uncertain. In an interview with Het Nieuwsblad, 20-year-old Aaron Blumert said everything has been quiet for a while.

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“We’re not quite sure how to move forward with BOBBY just yet,” Aaron says on Het Nieuwsblad. “It’s quiet now. I know I want to continue with the music, but whether it’s with a boy band or something else, time will tell.” The news was confirmed by Philip Drapes, the guy in charge of the group bookings. Drapes says everything is already on hold for a while. We’ll see how we’ll do it in the future.” There is currently no official division. Although all members of the group have already taken the reference to the boy group from their Instagram bio.


This isn’t the first time it’s been quiet around the group for a while. Also at the beginning of last year, it was quiet around BOBBY for a while. “Unfortunately, because of Corona, we couldn’t do much,” Aaron Blumert explained in an interview with TV Familie at the time. “There are definitely new things coming from us. And just because BOBBY will never end doesn’t mean we will stop making music. We still have a whole future ahead.”

In August 2019, the group debuted on BuikRock. A month later they finally released their first single called Hey Don’t You Know. In the past, the BOBBY members also sang the soundtrack for the Christmas clip “Home”. In addition, their music was also used in the movie Bittersweet Sixteen.

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